Year 1994 brought the fundamental act for those who wanted to built a civilized nation, Vitali Catana

[Info-Prim Neo story from the Series “Moldova-20! Whereto?”] [Each of the 20 years of Moldova’s Independence has its specific and a role in what has happened and what is yet to happen to this country and its people. Analysts, experts and politicians evaluate for Info-Prim Neo the main events of a certain year and their impact on the country] [Year 1994 as seen by constitutional law expert Vitali Catana] [March 6] The Referendum “Counsel with the people” was organized. 95.4% of participants voted for the Independence of Moldova. [March 16] Moldova engages in the NATO Partnership for Peace. [April 8] The Agreement on the creation of the Commonwealth of Independent States is adopted. [April 12] The first proposals to offer a political status to the districts on the left bank of the Nistru. [June 7] The Parliament adopts the state anthem “Limba noastra” (Our Language) with lyrics by A. Mateevici. [July 29] The Constitution of the Republic of Moldova is adopted. [December 7] The laws on local elections, on administrative-territorial reform and on local public administration are adopted. [December 13] The law on the Constitutional Court is adopted. [December 23] The law on the special juridical status of Gagauzia (Gagauz Yeri) is adopted. [Constitutional law expert Vitali Catana] thinks the adoption of the Constitution was the main event of 1994, as this act defines a country and this proves its huge significance. “Second only to the Declaration of Independence as value and importance, the Constitution is the act that measures the people forming a community and defines their will and aspiration in relation to other entities. That’s why the people’s attitude towards the supreme law is very relevant for the state of society and country. It’s not accidental that June 29 wasn’t observed by the Moldovans. The flaws in the text of the Constitution show the confused state of the people. Even the Wine Day or professional days are observed with bigger fanfare than the Constitution Day”, said Vitali Catana. According to him, the flaws in the Constitution distort the political life and led Moldova to a constitutional crisis. Vitali Catana says it’s no surprise Moldova is regarded as a country with uncertain future and with people who think more about parties than show some civic attitude towards what is happening around them. “I thinks it’s safe to say that when the Constitution Day will enter the Moldovans’ conscience as an important day, the Moldova will be a fulfilled country”, Catana stressed. According to him, a wrong step in 1994 was the ratification of the Commonwealth of Independent States Agreement on April 8, which halted Moldova’s natural development and approaching to the European Union. The expert added that 1994 saw other important events take place, such as the adoption of the new anthem “Limba Noastra” on lyrics by A. Mateevici, of the law regarding the special juridical status of Gagauz Yeri and others, but all of them should be overshadowed by the adoption of the Constitution, a fundamental act for the people building a civilized nation. Vitali Catana is a lawyer at the Lawyers’ Union in Moldova, political analyst and constitutional law expert. He is a Law graduate of the University of Bucharest. Vitali Catana published a series of works and analyses in the field of constitutional law, about double/multiple citizenship in Moldova, the rights of ethnic and religious minorities, the relationship between Church and government in Moldova, the Transnistrian conflict, etc. [Dumitrita Ciuvaga, Info-Prim Neo]

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