Women prevail among unpaid family workers

Over 83% of all the working women are salary earners. Among men, this indicator is of 73%. Among non-salary earners, the men prevail in the category of freelancers (72%), while women among unpaid family workers (74%), show data of the National Bureau of Statistics for 2019. Informal employment among women represented 18%, while among men – approximately 28%, IPN reports.

The distribution by economic sectors shows a higher number of women working in the service sector (58.0% women and, respectively, 42.0% men in 2019). The women are represented less in the agricultural sector  (39.0%), industry (46.5%), building sector (6.4%), transport and storage (27.3%), information and communication technology (35.9%), but prevail in such economic activities as hotels and restaurants (71.8%), financial intermediaries and insurance (72.1%), education (82.2%), health and social assistance (80.2%), cultural and recreational activities (59.9%).

The women have lower earnings than the men in most of the economic activities. In 2019, the women earned by 14% on average less than the men. In numeric value, the discrepancy represented about 1,098 lei on average. This way, the gross average monthly salary of women in 2019 was about 6,700 lei, while of men – 7,800 lei.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the women are less exposed to work accidents. The number of non-fatal work accidents among women was 2.4 times lower than among men.

Unemployment affects the men to a greater extent than the women. The unemployment rate in 2019 at country level was 5.8% among men and 4.4% among women. By age, the highest rate among men (11.1%) and women (9.4%) was recorded among young people aged between 15 and 24.

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