Vasile Bolea: Shor group will ensure all votes needed by power

MP of the PCRM-PSRM Bloc Vasile Bolea anticipates that the Shor Party’s group will be the one that will ensure the government with a constitutional majority. According to the Socialist, the intention of the Shor group to be “in constructive opposition” is not accidental and induces the idea of a tacit agreement between PAS and the Shor Party. Four his part, PAS MP Vladimir Bolea denied the idea of cooperation with the Shor Party, arguing the MPs of this party didn’t receive any post in the Parliament’s administration, IPN reports.

Communist-Socialist Vasile Bolea said the vote given by the Shor Party’s group for Igor Grosu when this was voted in Speaker points to the existence of negotiations held by the two groups behind the scenes. The Shor group will offer the government the votes needed to amend the Supreme Law. In the campaign, the PAS MPs promised to the citizens that they will amend the Constitution so as to strip the corrupt MPs of immunity and of the ill-gotten gains.

“PAS already has a constructive opposition and, as far as we understood, the members of the Shor group will ensure all the votes that will be needed by the power in the future, will ensure a constitutional majority. As to the amendment of the Constitution for confiscating the ill-gotten gains, I wonder what will happen to the persons who obtained their property illegally before the amendment of the Constitution. The law will not have a retroactive effect. It is important not to start a chase after witches by this amendment,” Vasile Bolea stated in the talk show “Friday with Anatolie Golea” on RTR Moldova channel.

PAS MP Vladimir Bolea excludes any tacit alliance with the Shor group. He voiced hope that when a bill to amend the Constitution is proposed, this will be adopted by the votes of all the MPs.

“We didn’t have any discussion with those of the Shor group as to the vote for Igor Grosu. When we are accused of negotiating with them, one must take into account the fact that they didn’t get a post of Deputy Parliament Speaker or of commission head. As regards the bills to amend the Constitution, we bank on the votes of the PCRM-PSRM MPs too. The Constitution can be amended in the interests not of one party, but of the country, of democracy. We will have consultations with the whole society and I do not see why the PCRM-PSRM Bloc should refuse to vote for such changes,” stated Vladimir Bolea.

According to the electoral program of PAS, among the first ten laws that will be adopted by the new power are the bill to exclude the immunity of MPs for acts of corruption and the bill to confiscate the property that cannot be justified by state functionaries.

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