Statement of the human rights association "Dreptul la Dreptate - The Right to Justice"

The public association "Dreptul la Dreptate - The Right to Justice", which brought together the defendants in a number of political and frame-up cases recognized by the Council of Europe and other international organizations, demands from the President of Moldova - Maia Sandu, to become a guarantor of the protection of human rights and create a commission under the President of the Republic of Moldova on the problem of political and frame-up cases and corruption in justice.

We are forced to state that no fundamental changes have taken place in the Moldovan justice system even three years after the flight of the oligarch Plahotniuc from Moldova.

Most of the political and frame-up cases against activists, their lawyers, undesirable entrepreneurs and former security officials have not yet been closed, as required by the Council of Europe and development partners.

Even in cases in which progress has been made and the defendants have been acquitted (the Petrenko group case, the Bolboceanu case, the Zabolotny group case, the Vento case, the Valentin Esanu case, the Domnica Manole case, etc.), there is apathy on the part of the prosecutor’s office and the law enforcement system. No prosecutor or judge has been held accountable for violating human rights.

Moreover, a number of criminals in prosecutorial and judicial robes have managed to avoid prosecution, as the corrupt system of justice continues to protect them from fair punishment.

Corrupt officials and bribe-takers who served the Plahotniuc regime, such as Viorel Morari, Nicolae Chitoroaga, Vitaliy Busuyok, Nicu Shendrea, Victoria Furtuna, Lilian Bakalym, Nadezhda Busuyok, Vladimir Mosneaga, Lilian Cociu, Stefan Shaptefrati, Adrian Popenko, Pavel Vinnitsky, Mikhail Ivanov, Vladislav Bobrov, Roman Statny and other prosecutors who, in exchange for bags, served the interests of the oligarch Plahotniuc, all of them continue to be at large, and many even managed to return to service in the prosecutor's office.

Judges who deliberately made illegal decisions, arresting undesirable people, placing people in prison cellars and taking away businesses, continue to remain in the judicial system.

Employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (from Kavkalyuk to Zhizdan) and the penitentiary system (Igor Pyntya, Sergey Demchenko and others), who organized torture in prisons and created political police to persecute undesirable people, also remain unpunished.

All the gangsters of oligarch Plahotniuc's criminal gang from Tutsu to Damir remain at large, including the extremist athletes who participated in the June 2019 coup attempt, who participated in the murders but were acquitted by a corrupt Moldovan court.

Not a single defector-deputy, from Sergiu Sirbu to Victor Mindru, who betrayed their voters for Plahotniuc's money, is in prison today.

Meanwhile, participants in the protest on April 24, 2016, organized by the DA Platform, continue to go through the courts, proving their innocence. And at the same time, the first political case of Antifa, which the deputies of the Council of Europe spoke about, has not yet been closed. Meanwhile, lawyers Eduard Rudenko and Anna Ursachi, who defended dissidents under the Plahotniuc regime, also remain under criminal prosecution. Meanwhile, entrepreneurs whose business wanted to be taken away by Plahotniuc's mafia have not yet been rehabilitated in their rights. Meanwhile, dozens of political and frame-up cases remain without due attention of the authorities, and people continue to try to seek justice in the corrupt courts of Moldova.

The civil society of Moldova draws the attention of the authorities that until progress is made in the field of rehabilitating the rights of former political prisoners and other undesirable citizens, until confidence in the judiciary is restored, Moldova will not be able to continue its path of European integration and the creation of a favorable investment climate in Moldova, necessary in our time of crisis for the growth of the economy and the development of the country.

In this regard, we appeal to the President of Moldova, Maia Sandu, with the idea of becoming a guarantor of human rights in Moldova, as well as with the idea of creating an advisory body (commission, committee) under the presidential administration, which would include representatives of civil society, human rights activists, lawyers, defendants in political cases, as well as political parties, foreign experts and development partners were involved in order to unite society against the corrupt justice system that continues to operate in Moldova.

In our opinion, the agenda of this commission today should consist of the following items:

1. Lustration needed! The expulsion of all accomplices of the Plahotniuc regime from all institutions of power and the confiscation of their property obtained by criminal means.

2. We need our own national human rights court for the speedy justification and rehabilitation of citizens affected by the Plahotniuc regime.

3. There should be maximum transparency in the work of the commission and in the review of all political and frame-up cases.

4. An emergency tribunal is needed to prosecute all members of Plahotniuc's criminal group - corrupt judges, corrupt prosecutors and policemen who served the mafia.

5. Judges, prosecutors, police officers and members of the mafia who seized the state must also bear financial responsibility, compensating for the damage caused to the affected citizens and people of the Republic of Moldova.

This justice reform agenda brings Moldovan society together on a specific internal problem of corruption and lack of trust in the Moldovan judiciary and law enforcement agencies. This agenda resolves the issue of the rehabilitation of the rights of citizens who have suffered from this system. This agenda consolidates the efforts of society on the most important problem of the country - the lack of a rule of law state in Moldova.

We have a constructive attitude towards resolving these problems, as we have experienced the injustice of the Moldovan justice. Those who went through the prison cellars, from whom their business, health, freedom and even life were taken away, are determined and their sincerity cannot be doubted.

However, the protracted nature of the existence of these problems, when even after three years after the flight of the oligarch Plahotniuc, dozens of political and frame-up cases remain unclosed in Moldova, confirm us in the opinion that we can no longer wait and tolerate the lawlessness of corrupt judges and corrupt prosecutors.

In this regard, we ask the presidential administration to comment on our idea in the coming week.

In the event of a negative response, we reserve the right to continue to fight against corruption in justice. We will fight for fair justice and for justice, with or without cooperation from the authorities.

However, we are forced to note that the number of applications for cases of injustice and arbitrariness in the justice authorities is so large that we do not even have time to register them all. We need the state's help in resolving this problem. But if the state refuses to help us, we will continue to fight on our own for the rule of law, for lustration and justice.

Corrupt prosecutors and judges who hope that their lawlessness and human rights violations will go unpunished are greatly mistaken. If a mechanism of punishment for the crimes of prosecutors and judges against democracy, human rights and freedoms is not created in Moldova, then the people of Moldova have the moral right to respond with actions of disobedience to the lawlessness of criminals in the uniform and in the robes of judges and prosecutors.

No one will go unpunished!

The public association "Dreptul la Dreptate - The Right to Justice"

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