Senior administration transmits congratulatory messages on National Day of Romania

President Maia Sandu came with a congratulatory message for all the Romanians on the occasion of the National Day of Romania. “Dear Romania, on this day I wish you to remain strong and generous, to be a distinct voice in the world and in the united Europe, a model of country for which democracy and the wellbeing of its people are key. Let’s go towards the future together,” Maia Sandu posted on Facebook, being quoted by IPN.

President Sandu thanked Romania for its friendship and for all the good things it did and will do together with the Republic of Moldova. “We are tied by the historical past, by the common culture and by the Romanian language. In front of us we have a future that can bring us even closer. We will do this through the people who found their place on one of the sides of the Prut, through mutual investments, through roads and bridges,” wrote Maia Sandu.

Premier Natalia Gavrilița transmitted good wishes to all the Romanians from both sides of the Prut. She noted that on the National Day of Romania, it is celebrated understanding, mutual assistance and the historical ties that unite the destinies of the two countries. “I’m glad to be living in an epoch in which we build bridges, energy connections, gas pipelines and a European future there where there was barbed wire and alienation earlier. I hope we will organize the joint meeting of the Governments as soon as possible and will accelerate the projects needed by the citizens of the two states,” Natalia Gavrilița posted on Facebook.

Parliament Speaker Igor Grosu congratulated the people of Romania in his name and in the name of the Moldovan Parliament. He expressed his conviction that Moldova’s and Romania’s joint wish to support each other and cooperate and to foster the dialogue between the legislative bodies will serve as sustainable pillars for ensuring stability and wellbeing in the two countries.

December 1 was declared the National Day and a public holiday in Romania by a law of July 31, 1990 that was promulgated by the then President of Romania Ion Iliescu and was published in the Official Gazette on August 1, 1990.

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