USD 2 billion required to rebuild agrarian sector


The Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry (MAIA) announced that approximately USD 2 billion are requires for rebuilding the agrarian sector. Although over the past 2 years investments in the fixed capital from this sector have been MDL 627 million (USD 48.2 million), and credits have been over MDL 2 billion, the Agro-alimentary sector development plan for 2006-2015, recently approved by the Executive, stipulates that authorities attract serious investments that will double the agro-alimentary production volume. The share of agriculture in the Gross Domestic Product is now approximately 18%. Together with the agricultural material processing industry, the agrarian sector is 32% from the GDP and is approximately 65% from the overall export volume, with 40.5% of Republic of Moldova population active in this sector. According to MAIA, the strategic goal of the state policies in the agro-industrial complex development strategy is creating the economic sector based on advanced technologies, according to European standards, that could assure a high food standard of the country and a permanent growth of the agricultural suppliers and the state from the export of agricultural products and derivatives of these. As the ministry of the branch believes, these priorities could assure an annual growth of 5-7% of the global agricultural production volume, a 20% growth of the agricultural products processed by factories and an annual 10% growth of ecological agro-alimentary products.