Two epoch cars exhibited in front of Parliament Building


Two epoch cars – limousines “Gaz-14” made in 1977 and “ZIL 41047” made in 1989 – were displayed in front of the Parliament Building in connection with International Museum Day and as part of a series of activities aimed at informing the public about the legislature’s history. The cars from the Parliament’s garage were used by ex-Presidents Mircea Snegur and Petru Luchinschi, IPN reports.

There were also launched virtual guided tours with videos and pictures, detailed descriptions of the most important halls of the Parliament Building, museum exhibits presented in the context of major historical or political events.

The Museum of Moldova’s Parliament was created on May 23, 2017. Currently, it consists of over 300 paintings, 87 souvenirs, a multitude of historical documents, almost 90 books and about 180 photos.

This year, the Parliament’s Museum was supplemented with approximately 500 copies of the documents offered by the National Archive of the Republic of Moldova, which present parliamentarianism during the People’s Council in retrospect. These will be digitized for popularizing them.