Romania donates 100,800 COVID-19 vaccine doses to Moldova


A new lot of 100,800 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine against COVID-19 was delivered to Moldova from Romania on May 7. The donation supplements the package of support announced by the President of Romania Klaus Iohannis on the occasion of the working visit he paid to Chisinau last December, IPN reports, quoting a press release of the Embassy of Romania in Moldova.

The Government of Romania decided to offer more humanitarian aid in addition to the 204,000 vaccine doses that were delivered to Chisinau earlier. The COVID-19 vaccine doses are intended for the National Public Health Agency of the Republic of Moldova and form part of the reserve of the Ministry of Health of Romania.

The lot was met at the Leușeni Customs Post by Romania’s Ambassador to Moldova Daniel Ioniță, who accompanied the shipment to the final destination so that this is handed over in good conditions to the responsible authorities of the Republic of Moldova. “Romania was and continues to be near the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, every time offering assistance when necessary, in the spirit of the special relationship that is based on the common language, history and culture and on the cooperation under the Strategic Partnership for the European Integration of the Republic of Moldova,” stated Daniel Ioniță.

The delivery of the vaccine donation was ensured through the EU’s Civil Protection Mechanism and is part of Team Europe initiative.

In 2021, Romania shipped to Moldova four lots of COVID-19 vaccine doses: on February 27 – 21,600 doses, on March 27- 50,400 doses, on April 17 – 132,000 doses and on May 7 – 100,800 doses. In total, Romania donated 304,800 vaccine doses to Moldova.