Rain with hail caused havoc in Șoldănești


The torrential rain with hail affected tens of hectares of agricultural crops in a number of settlements in Moldova. In Șoldănești, the level of water reached half a meter, while of hail – several centimeters.

The head of Șoldănești district Nicolae Mîndru has told IPN that the business entities in Pohoarna and Cotiujenii Mari villages were the worst hit. The rainwater damaged field crops. The hail partially destroyed orchards in the two villages. There is no information about damaged houses or social facilities.

Contacted by IPN for details, deputy head of the Agriculture and Food Division Gheorghe Storoja said about 500 ha of sunflower and approximately 200 ha of corn were affected according to the first reports. Wheat and rape fields were also damaged. In most parts, the agricultural process needs to be resumed. The land has to be cultivated again and the crops should be owed again. These processes imply new costs for farmers.

Six rockets were launched from the antihail station in Pohoarna village. The consequences would have been much more serious if they hadn’t been launched. The people related the hail that fell with rain could be collected with a shovel.

Acceding to the General Inspectorate for Emergencies, the heavy rain affected a part of the crops in the districts of Soroca, Telenești and Edineț. The local commissions for exceptional situations are to gauge the extent of the caused damage.