Price of gasoline exceeds 30 lei a liter


The price of a liter of gasoline “95” passed the 30 lei mark. For May 19, the National Agency for Energy Regulation set the price ceiling for this type of fuel at 30.09 lei, up 0.31 lei. Diesel fuel will cost at most 27.48 lei, down 0.08 lei on today, IPN reports.

The Agency said the Platts diesel fuel quotations in March and April increased in an abnormal way, leading to rises that pushed the price of diesel fuel above the price of gasoline. The restoration of the traditional parity between the two types of fuels is witnessed at the start of this month.

The quotations of oil products continue to be influenced by the large demand from Ukraine and the prospects of the EU’s refusal to import crude oil and derivative products from Russia.

The final price is also influenced by the 0.50 lei increase in the exchange rate of the national currency against the U.S. dollar, said the National Agency for Energy Regulation.