PPPDA asks for information about loans raised by Public Services Agency


Alexandr Slusari, vice president of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” (PPPDA), said that after the party informed about the sudden rise in the tariffs of particular services provided by the Public Services Agency (PSA), he received tens of phone calls by which he found out “interesting information”. “I was informed that the PSA took out loans totaling hundreds of millions of lei from different banks and it has now to pay the highest interest, that not everyone inside the Agency agreed with the organization of the PSA, the financial policy and the vertiginous rise in tariffs,” stated Slusari.

In a press release, the PPPDA says Alexandr Slusari decided to launch a parliamentary inquiry into the issue as the recent rise seriously affects the citizens and business entities.

Alexandr Slusari asked the Government and the Public Services Agency to publish comprehensive information about the loans raised by the PSA, the banks that released the loans, the purpose of the borrowed money, the Government’s role in authorizing the lending decisions and the existence of a state guarantee in case the loans are not repaid. The most important thing is to see if there is a causal relationship between the Agency’s loans and the substantial rise in tariffs.

On May 6, Alexandr Slusari said that before resigning, the Chicu Government left a ticking bomb. On December 22, 2020, there was adopted a decision that, behind the screen of the amendment of the methodology for forming the given tariffs, allows the tariffs to be raised for several times.

“The amendments take effect gradually, exactly during the election campaign. The tariffs of cadastral services and issuing of civil status documents increased suddenly on May 4. The new tariffs for the issuing of identification papers will start to be applied on July 1. For example, the tariff for issuing the extract from the Real Estate Register rose from 51 to 130 lei. The services for the primary registration of goods rose two-three times, while the issuing of the civil status certificate or a copy of this will cost almost six times more,” stated Alexandr Slusari.

In this connection, he asked that the interim Government and the Public Services Agency should provide explanations and should urgently review the tariffs as such rises represent disrespect for a country that was seriously affected by the socioeconomic crisis.