PGO examines murder accusations made against Alexandru Jizdan


The Prosecutor General’s Office turned its attention to the public call made today by activist Gheorghe Petic on a social networking site, concerning the involvement of politician Alexandru Jizdan, ex-minister of the interior, in a crime committed in 2000. “The prosecutor general will designate a prosecutor who will conduct an investigation. Gheorge Petic will be invited,” prosecutor Mariana Cherpec, who is in charge of media relations at the PGO, stated for IPN.

In his public call to the PGO, Gheorge Petic says that on February 9, 2000, between 7pm and 8pm, staying hidden in a garage in the yard of a citizen from Stăuceni, the former minister of the interior Alexandru Jizdan, together with Ion Țurcan and another two police officers of the former Special Missions Division that was transformed into Division No. 5, foully opened fire at a number of athletes (Zahar, Paşa, Radu), who came to collect from that citizen an alleged debt of US$2,000 deriving from the sale of an Audi car. The four athletes were hurt. The first received by three-four bullets, but were still alive. Later, Alexandru Jizdan, together with Ion Țurcan, shot them dead in the head and the heart.

Gheorghe Petic noted that amid the political instability, the case was dropped swiftly. One of those who were at the scene escaped as the bullets stopped in the gate and he managed to hide. Since then, that person has been hunted by mates of Jizdan and Damir in France, where he has been hiding. “In five years, I found this person in France and managed to persuade him to talk,” stated the activist.

Gheorghe Petic said the witness is ready to provide details on condition his security and freedom are guaranteed. “In 20 years of that case, those police officers who shot together with Jizdan and Țurcan died in strange circumstances. Vladimir Plahotniuc had Alexandru Jizdan on the hook over this crime,” stated Gheorghe Petic.

Contacted by IPN for details, Alexandru Jizdan said that he will not comment on these assertions. “I didn’t kill anyone,” said the ex-minister.