Peter Michalko: Europe Day in 2021 marks solidarity for health


“Europe Day in 2021 marks the solidarity of Team Europe for health and for a better future. History shows that mankind easier overcomes any challenge by solidarity, while unity, respect for the human rights and governance by the rule of law principles, which are pillars on which the formation of the European Union is based, allow us to become stronger and to live in peace,” the Head of the EU Delegation to Moldova Peter Michalko stated on the occasion of Europe Day, IPN reports.

According to the ambassador, not accidentally these values on Europe Day are marked by arts and culture. “Firstly, arts and culture always inspired the people to become better and stronger. Secondly, arts and culture managed the best to highlight the individuality and unique traditions of each EU member state, reflecting this way the principle of functioning of the European Union – United in Diversity. The observance of local traditions and solidarity form the basis of the functioning of the European Union and of the EU’s cooperation with the Republic of Moldova,” stated Peter Michalko.

The Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova, together with the embassies of the EU member states accredited to the Republic of Moldova, as from May 5 have staged a series of cultural, educational and interactive events in connection with Europe Day. For the second consecutive year, Europe Day is celebrated during a month on TV, radio and in the online environment. Europe Day is marked by a series of activities under the EU’s motto “United in Diversity”. The public all over Moldova will be able to listen to music and to take part in a number of educational activities online.

On May 9, the public is invited to an exceptional artistic performance staged by the National Philharmonic “Sergei Lunkevich”, Moldovan National Youth Orchestra and La La Play Voices, with the participation of over 200 musicians from the Republic of Moldova and the European Union. The traditional European Film and Culture Festival will be broadcast on TV and on the online platform https://eu4moldova.eu/ro/europe-day-2021/ during May 16 – 31.