Over 1,350 trailers of waste collected during cleanup campaign in Chisinau


The annual cleaning campaign General Spring Cleanup that started on March 1 ended on April 30. During the two-month campaign, waste was collected in all the public places, including the yards of apartment buildings. As a result, there were collected 1,356 trailers of waste that were transported by 20 tractors loaded with the assistance of five mini-loaders, IPN reports.

Contacted by IPN for details, the head of the Chisinau General Public Amenities Division’s Cleanup Section Vasile Efros said the green areas on yards of apartment buildings were raked, the curbs and streets were swept, the sand that remained after being spread in winter was collected. The public transport stations and garbage bins at these stations were cleaned. Three special vehicles washed the sidewalks in the historical center of Chisinau.

The collected quantity of waste is larger than the previous years as there were periods this winter when cleanup activities weren’t performed daily.

The manual cleanup process daily involved 410-420 persons, while the mechanized process - about 15 units of equipment.

The solid waste, such as plastic, glass, paper and cardboard was taken to the transfer station on Uzinelor St and from there to the waste dump in Țânțăreni. The building waste, vegetal waste and other waste that does not form part of solid waste were transported to the landfill on Calea Ghidighici St.

The cleanup company “Autosalubritate” set up 400 new garbage bins.