Only day and online camps will be available in Chisinau


Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, the summer camps “Cireșarii” in Vadul lui Vodă town of the municipality of Chisinau and “Poienița veselă” in Dănceni village of Ialoveni district, which are managed by the Chisinau Municipal Council, will not work this year. Only day, thematic and online camps will be available in Chisinau, IPN reports.

Angela Kutasevich, deputy mayor of Chisinau in charge of the social sphere, said the camps will be different by length and program so that the children will stay at some of them for eight hours a day, while at others for three-five hours, depending on parents’ requests.

Day camps will be created at the 18 out-of-school centers, five schools of arts, libraries and at community centers for children and young people, which are managed by the General Division of Education, Youth and Sport. There will be at least 18 online camps. The thematic camps will address such issues as ecology, tourism, entrepreneurship, IT, arts or sport. The parents will be able to enroll the children at a camp through an online platform (e-tabara) that is being finalized.

To avoid the risk of infection with COVID-19, the children will stay at camps in groups of at most 15 persons. The students will be obliged to wear masks if a social distance of at least 1 meter cannot be maintained. All the day camps will be supplied with disinfectant and face masks.

In the municipality of Chisinau, there are 39,000 children involved in primary education and 45,000 children involved in secondary education. Last year, the online camps staged in the municipality involved over 10,000 children.