Minimum salary in self-managing education institutions 1,500 lei up


As of May, the minimum salary of the employees of self-managing education institutions grows from 2,000 to 3,500 lei. A decision to this effect was approved by the Government. By today’s decision, the list of recipients of monthly bonuses for scientific or scientific-teaching titles was extended. State financial support will be offered to scientific researchers, administrative personnel of research and innovation organizations and of universities, IPN reports.

The pay grades of administrative personnel – directors and vice directors of public vocational education institutions - will rise by seven positions.

The bonus for the honorific titles “People’s Artist” and “Master of Arts” increases from 200 to 250 lei, for the titles “Emeritus”, “Emeritus Person”, “Master of Literature” and “Skillful Master” and also “Emeritus Master of Sport” and “International Master”  – from 100 to 150 lei, while for the title “Master of Sport” – from 30 to 100 lei .

The decision is to be implemented at a cost of 82.5 million lei a year. The money will be allocated from the state budget.