Mayer of Condrița: Most of villagers risk not being able to get 700 lei for cold months


The mayor of Condrița Andrei Donică warned that the largest part of the people in his village and in other villages risk not being entitled to the 700 lei a month promised by the authorities for the cold months. Even if the social questionnaire was excluded, the applicants still must have a monthly income lower than 3,100 lei. This is discrimination as the townspeople receive subsidies for gas and heat, while those who heat their houses with wood and coal do not. The mayor called on the central public administration to take additional measures to support all the citizens.

In a news conference at IPN, Andrei Donică said that for the citizens who use coal and wood to heat their homes, the central authorities promised by 700 lei a month for the cold months, but most of the villagers will not get any leu. People come to the mayor’s office and say that they heard the social questionnaire is no longer mandatory and everyone will get by 700 lei a month in winter, but this is not so. The possessions, such as washing machines, TV set and fridge, will not be checked, but the condition concerning the minimum income remained the same. More exactly, the monthly income must not exceed 3,100 lei per family member.

According to the mayor, not many people will be eligible. In Condrița, for example, 80% of the residents will not get this aid. The situation is much the same all over the country. “Subsidies are provided from the national budget, but contributions into this are paid both by those from towns and by those from villages. That’s why everyone should be helped. Those from towns are offered subsidies for gas and for the heat produced by “Termoelectrica”, but most of those from villages will not get those 700 lei,” stated Andrei Donică.

According to him, only 3% of the households are connected to the gas supply in Condrița. Even so, 85% of those connected use gas not to heat the home, but to prepare food. The overwhelming part of villagers use wood and coal to heat their houses.

Andrei Donică also said that the wood and coal are now much more expensive, but this fact is neglected. There is of no control over the sale of firewood, but this is rather wet and the people have to use more wood to obtain the necessity temperature.

The mayor of Condrița called upon the Commission for Exceptional Situations, the Government and Parliament to urgently compensate all the people for the costs incurred for energy resources, including wood and coal.