Maib – your bank for 31 years!


Hello! I'm maib. I am yours and good people’s bank!

Today I’m already a grown-up. I have been with your family, your friends and you for 30+1 years! I have been making new trusted friends for 372 months now. Some of them are partners already, because I am passionate about business and entrepreneurship.

My parents taught me to be kind and professional, so before I tell you more about what I do, let me tell you who I am.

Birthday: I am a millennial, Generation Y, born in 1991. My birth certificate says Moldova Agroindbank, but my friends call me by my new Agile name - maib.

Residence: I was born and live in the Republic of Moldova, the country which I love and which grew up together with me.

Parents: my mother and father are people who love numbers and who gave me the best family upbringing, they taught me priceless values of life. Now I have a big family, over 2400 employees and a formidable top management team. I thank them for trusting me and for helping me become more customer centric day by day.

Children: I am already a parent myself - my children, maib leasing (20 years old) and Moldmediacard (22 years old), also love numbers and the banking industry.

At the age of 31 I did a lot of projects for you and with you. I like to work together as a team and share the same values ​​- trustworthy, professional, innovative, agile, transparent and with team spirit. I like to be a customer-oriented bank. I feel useful when we see each other throughout my many shiny newly updated   branches, when together we look for efficient solutions for you or when we meet digitally - through maibankmaibusiness or Internet banking and, in just a few clicks, we do miracles.

I think you noticed my passion for innovation, that's why I chose to go Agile. The Global Banking & Finance Review experts gave me the “Best Digital Bank” award for 2 consecutive years, in 2020 and 2021. I was so happy that our efforts were celebrated internationally. I know you love digital solutions and I promise to work even harder to be a click away from whatever you do and wherever you are.

I have been a bank for the people and about the people for 31 years. Along with my friends – more than 2400 employees - we have focused our efforts and ideas to make your personal and business plans work to make sure your business grows.

The motivation and support consistently came from local and international partners, whom I THANK - EBRD, EIB, Mastercard, Visa, Earlyone, UNHCR, GGF, Chisinau City Hall, correspondent banks and other organizations which trust us and we trust them.

I proudly declare - at 31 I am more than a bank, I am your friend and I want to stay that way forever. Because my anniversary is for sure the anniversary of the maib people, employees, customers, shareholders and partners who contribute daily in turning the most ambitious dreams into reality.

Thank you for choosing to be with me and I invite you to move forward to the next level together!

Lots of love,

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