Exceptional fire risk and low flow in rivers


Weather forecasters issued a yellow warning for exceptional (class V) risk of fire of a natural character for the period between June 25 and July 1. An orange hydrologic warning was also issued in connection with the low flow in the Prut River Basin, IPN reports.

The State Weather Service said that the orange warning was issued for June 24-30 in connection with the lack of precipitation and high temperatures. In the Prut River Basin, the water flow decreased by 20-23% of the average multiannual values, while in the small rivers of the Republic of Moldova, the water flow declined by 10-25% of the average multiannual values, except for the left branches of the Nistru River.

The business entities and the population are urged to reasonably consumer the water resources. Given the exceptional fire risk, the population is asked not to start fires in forests, parks and green areas as the low level of humidity, the wind and high temperatures favor the spread of fire.

In case of fire, one should immediately call the 112 Emergency Service
so that the firefighters could deal with the outbreaks at the incipient stages.