Another 100,000 flu shots to get to Moldova the next days


The 100,000 flu shots, 85,000 of which were provided by the U.S. as a donation, while 15,000 were bought by Moldova through UNICEF, will be delivered to Moldova the next few days, Ștefan Gheorghiță, head of the National Public Health Agency’s Flu and ARI Epidemiological Supervision Division, has told IPN.

“We possess information that another 100,000 flu shots will get to the country the coming days. These will be distributed according to the flu vaccination plan to all the health facilities of the Republic of Moldova,” stated Ștefan Gheorghiță.

Flu vaccines started to be administered from the 100,000 shots that were purchased from the Russian Federation through the National Health Insurance Company. The first batch, of 7,000 shots, was intended for frontline medical personnel involved in the fight against COVID-19, while the second consignment, of 93,000 doses, was distributed to public medical institutions for immunizing professional contingents and high-risk groups.