Anatol Țăranu: Only PAS is interested in having snap elections swiftly


The Party of Action and Solidarity (PAS) is the only one that is interested in having snap parliamentary elections as swiftly as possible. The Party of Socialists wants these to take place as late as possible. The other parties, in general, are not interested in snap elections as their chances of entering the future Parliament are slim, political analyst Anatol Țăranu stated in IPN’s public debate “Dissolution of Parliament and snap elections. Experts “translate” actions and statements of politicians to make them clear to the general public”

According to him, the PAS wants snap elections swiftly but dallies as it does not know exactly how to act in the created situation. The PAS is trying to use the wave of the enthusiasm, of the inertia of an excellent victory it won in the presidential elections and to transpose this victory to snap parliamentary elections. But many of the parties that are now represented in Parliament have very small chances of entering Parliament as a result of snap parliamentary elections and do not want such elections. The PSRM suffered a resounding defeat in the presidential elections and this defeat will have repercussions in the parliamentary elections and it therefore does not want snap elections to take place soon, even if its representatives speak about the necessity of dissolving Parliament.

Anatol Țăranu noted polls show the Shor Party would enter Parliament, but the problem of this party resides in its leader. If the trial against its leader ends with a definitive sentence against him, the Shor Party can disband. Therefore, it is suitable for the Shor Party for the snap elections to be delayed so as to keep its place in Parliament. There is a high probability that the Democratic Party and Pro Moldova will also not enter the next legislative body and these parties also do not want snap elections swiftly, even if their leaders say the opposite.

In another development, Anatol Țăranu said the insistence on naming a transitional government is nothing else but a political method of avoiding immediate snap elections. The Socialists do not want snap elections. They need a transitory government that actually annuls snap elections. They also hope that the PAS and President Maia Sandu will make mistakes. The long-lasting uncertainty about snap elections would have an impact on the image of Maia Sandu and her team.

The formation of a professional government would mean the appearance of a team of managers able to keep the situation under control, but, what is more important, there will appear a governmental political team that would work in agreement with President Maia Sandu. “This is extremely important, but Parliament will start to sabotage the new Government and the image of those who will try to do this will be affected. Namely this Government would manage the snap parliamentary elections if these are called and this is very important,” concluded Anatol Țăranu.

The public debate “Dissolution of Parliament and snap elections. Experts “translate” actions and statements of politicians to make them clear to the general public” is the 168th of the series “Developing political culture through public debates” that is supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation.