30 years. MAIB moves to the next level


30 years. MAIB moves to the next level


What is the 30th anniversary associated with? With the moment when you are ready to start a family, find your dream job or make important choices for your future? With the fulfilment of buying your first home or launching your own business? What is certain is that at the age of 30 we are all full of energy and mature enough, we know ourselves pretty well, we have the courage for new challenges and we want to move to the #nextevel, to become MAIBetter. This is the goal of Moldova Agroindbank, which has reached its 30th anniversary.



At 30, MAIB is the largest financial institution in the country, with a community of about one million customers, 3,500 shareholders and over 2,000 employees, with the market share of 34% by loan portfolio, 30% by deposit volume and an assets portfolio of 30%.


At 30, MAIB is the most successful bank in the country, being awarded by the “Global Finance” international magazine for 15 consecutive years as The best bank in Moldova”. MAIB grows at a dynamic pace and positively influences the business environment, the investment climate and the results of its clients’ businesses. How? Thanks to the most efficient, fast and innovative banking products and services, but also to the professional expertise offered by the employees.


At 30, MAIB is the most digitalized bank in the country and has won twice the Best Digital Bank Moldova” award offered by the Global Banking and Finance Review international publication. MAIB is constantly developing its online functionalities, and in the last year the number of active digital users, the number of mobile application downloads and the number of online payments has increased considerably. Thus, during the pandemic, MAIB offered customers the comfort of having an entire bank at their disposal just one click away.


At 30, MAIB is ready to move to the next level:


The next level of customer experience. MAIB aims to build a customer-centered experience, so that the procedures are faster and simple, transparent and more agile, focused on customer care and attention.


The next level of digitalization. MAIB will continue the transformation of its digital capabilities to maintain its leadership positions in the field and always keep up with the global digital trends. Moreover, it will become the orchestrator of digital financial ecosystems.  


The next level of international development. MAIB will advance towards its potential listing on an international stock exchange. This approach will positively influence the investment and business climate of the country and will pave the way for Moldovan businesses to integrate into international financial markets.


The achievements, as well as the objectives of the bank are the result of synergy between the customers, employees and shareholders, that takes MAIB further, into a new stage.


Together to the Next Level!