Prime-Minister and Minister of Education Hold Different Views on the Title of “Gh. Asachi” Lyceum

The prime-minister Vasile Tarlev considers that the administration of the “Gheorghe Asachi” Lyceum and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MEYS) will come to an agreement in the case of the institution’s entitling. At the same time, the minister of MEYS states he will not negotiate with the administration of the lyceum. Asked by the press to comment upon the fact that the students who broke the inscription “Moldovan” from the frontispiece of the institution are being interrogated by police, Vasile Tarlev qualified as “incorrect” involving pupils in political actions, and their interrogation as well. At the same time, the prime-mister declared that “the guilty ones will be held responsible for their actions”. “Any education institution is obliged to respect the legislation in force and also the conditions imposed by the state”, Tarlev said. Also, the prime-minister expressed his hope that the administration of the lyceum and MEYS will find a compromise. Minister Victor Tzvircun says that the Ministry can not have any negotiations with the administration of the lyceum, as the entitling of the institution is conform to the Decision of the Government from 1990 and MEYS can not undertake any actions that would brake the law. “The lyceum is “Moldovan-French”, because it activates in the legislative frame of the Republic of Moldova and not of Burundi or any other country”, underlined the minister. 4 students from the “Gheorghe Asachi” lyceum that damaged the lyceum’s frontispiece as a protest to the change of the name of the institution are being interrogated by police. The pupils and their parents state they will continue to fight for the name “Romanian-French lyceum”. At present 2600 pupils are studying at “Gheorghe Asachi”.
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