Pensioners Union: Reform can be done only by snap parliamentary elections

The Pensioners Union accuses the Government of indifference to the financial and social-medical problems of pensioners, describing the authorities’ inaction as real genocide. The pensioners say the political parties discredited themselves. That’s why they consider the reform of the political class is a necessity. According to the Pensioners Union, the reform can be done only by snap parliamentary elections so as to give the go-ahead to the parties that haven’t yet lost the people’s trust.

In a news conference at IPN, Pensioners Union president Victor Leancă said that thousands of pensioners have a pension lower than the minimum consumer basket. Moldova is in a political, economic and sanitary crisis and this fact should not be ignored. An honest, responsible and, mandatorily, pro-European government is needed. The pensioners are sure that these qualities can be found in the teams of the PPPDA and PAS.

Victor Leancă noted that the small pensions are one of the major problems faced by the pensioners. The legislation should be immediately amended so that the pensions could be indexed this year too.

The Union’s vice president Vlad Lupașcu said the political class discredited itself fully. The election campaign is full of promises and great plans, but these are forgotten immediately after the elections. A national fund for helping pensioners should be created.

Boris Carandiuc, ex-MP, said the main demands of the older people are related to health, the financial situation (pension) and heating in winter. He underlined the necessity of working out a national program that would ensure the solving of these problems at least. A proper legislative environment is needed for the purpose.

Professor Ion Ilichuk, doctor habilitate in medicine, stated that money in the Moldovan health system is stolen in a centralized way. As this thing was allowed, the older people cannot be treated now. In hospitals, the unused areas can be turned into specialized sections where older persons who do not have what to eat and need medical care could be lodged in winter.

“In the poorest country, the medicines are the most expensive and this is again due to corruption. Bribe is taken when a medicine is to be registered and for the given money to be recovered, they need to bring the most expensive drugs,” said Ion Ilichuk.

The pensioners read a statement that specifies their concerns and suggests solutions to the problems faced by the older persons. The statement will be transmitted to the authorities.

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