PDM pleads for functional government and for snap elections later

The Democratic Party (PDM) suggested that the parliamentary parties PDM, PAS, PPPDA and PSRM should have discussions and identify a governmental team with a Prime Minister who, during a month, would propose a number of bills that Parliament would undertake to adopt. During the next three months, the legislative body would not have sittings so that constitutional circumstances for dissolving Parliament could appear. An electoral period of two months and snap elections would follow.

“In the best case, this could be done during six months until snap parliamentary elections, with a functional government, with unlocked foreign assistance and with a well-organized and efficient vaccination process,” Pavel Filip stated in a press briefing after the meeting with President Maia Sandu, noting that starting an election campaign with 50% of the population vaccinated would be a crime.

According to the PDM, there are several key directions and the first of these is to correctly manage the pandemic crisis. Pavel Filip considers society needs an iron hand that would manage the affairs in the period. A state of emergency should be declared and the police and the military should make sure that the restrictions imposed by the Government are obeyed.

The PDM suggests a moratorium on unessential costs and centralizing the administration of public finances, working out a clear plan for helping the businesses and the people and a very clear vaccination strategy with appointment scheduling software. The testing capacities should be at least doubled by engaging private labs and attracting volunteers to work in the health system.

The unlocking of foreign financing is another priority. According to Pavel Filip, 6 billion lei would help to cover a part of the budget deficit. Also, correct preparations for free and fair elections are needed. The Election Code should be amended so that the Moldovans abroad could vote during two days. Such an issue can be solved with a functional government.

The Democratic leader noted that if the PDM’s proposals are ignored, the alternative is a Dodon-Sor Government led by Mariana Durleșteanu or the outgoing Ciocoi Government could serve until 2023.
“The ball is now in Maia Sandu’s court,” stated Pavel Filip.

On March 16, President Maia Sandu is having consultations with the parliamentary groups. She is yet to meet with the MPs of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform”, the Party of Action and Solidarity and with the Socialist MPs. After the consultations, President Maia Sandu will make statements for the press.

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