PDM announces forth country development path, pro-Moldova

The president of the Democratic Party Vlad Plahotniuc said the party’s National Assembly held in the Great National Assembly Square on October 21 was staged to announce the big change for the Republic of Moldova. Vlad Plahotniuc spoke about the fourth country development path, the pro-Moldova one, which is to become a national doctrine and will form the basis of the PDM’s political program for the next few years given that the precedents didn’t prove their efficiency, IPN reports.

The leader of the PDM told the crowd that during 27 years the Republic of Moldova had three directions towards which the politicians tried to take the Moldovans – the European path, the Euro-Asian path and the path to the union with Romania. Each of these directions enjoyed a particular support from the citizens, but Moldova too much waited for someone to build its future. “We gathered here to follow together the fourth path that no one had the courage to follow. This is the path to Moldova, the path that leads to Moldovans, to the solving of people’s problems,” stated Vlad Plahotniuc.

He noted that politics for Moldova means the building of a united nation, implementation of the best living models existing in Europe so as to bring welfare to the Republic of Moldova. The Moldovan villages will be full of activity, as earlier, with infrastructure, roads, water and sewerage, kindergartens, schools, medical centers and jobs. “Both in villages and in towns, the people should receive higher salaries and we will soon have a good reform in this regard,” assured the Democratic leader.

Vlad Plahotniuc also said that politics for Moldova means rehabilitation of national dignity as the status of object of geopolitics can no longer be tolerated as during the last decades, when everyone dictated what we should do and where we should go. “Moldova has the right to its own vision, its own word in the relations with those overseas. We have the right to the own destiny. I think this pro-Moldova concept will represent a national doctrine that we lacked since the declaration of independence. We should bring things in the country in order ourselves, as real masters,” he stated.

The president of honor of the PDM Dumitru Diacov said the PDM should do its best for the Republic of Moldova to have continuity. “We cannot follow one direction for four years and another direction for another four years. The partners are waiting to see what course Moldova will have next year. I suggest being solidary and work for the benefit of our homeland,” he stated.

For his part, Prime Minister Pavel Filip, first vice president of the PDM, reminded that the PDM has governed the Republic of Moldova for almost three years and the country showed that it can stand up and has dignity, that it can overcome the difficulties and can build its own road to welfare. We can firmly say that the Republic of Moldova is not the poorest state in Europe even if a lot is yet to be done to meet people’s expectations. “Owing to the PDM’s government, results were achieved for the people. Good things were done in Moldova in 2016, but more is yet to be done. Our mission cannot stop here. Our project for the next electoral cycle should start here: let’s work for Moldova, only for Moldova,” stated the Premier.

Speaker of Parliament Andrian Candu, vice president of the PDM, noted that the Moldovans stood on their knees, with the head bowing, for a too long period of time  and accepted to be led by others as they considered themselves sometimes weak and powerless as a people. “We should admit that sometimes our lack of character and confidence justified such an attitude. Now we are different. This government that did a lot of things during the past three years generates the optimism and confidence that the Republic of Moldova needed for a long time. The most important lesson of the PDM’s government us that we know, we want and we can,” stated Andrian Candu.

The PDM’s National Assembly for Moldova reiterated the support for the further implementation of the Moldova – EU Association Agreement and the enshrining of the European course in the Constitution – either by the Parliament’s vote or by the people’s vote in a referendum.

The organizers at the end of the event said about 100,000 Moldovans, sympathizers and members of the PDM, came together in the central square of Chisinau.

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