Natalia Gavrilița: We must have a new social contract; we will build state that helps

The state should not only point to the changes that can be made, but should also implement these. The state will work with small producers so as to create a new social contract and a state that helps will be built. These producers will then be more willing to pay taxes into the state treasury. Work will start from a separate, much simpler, much more de-bureaucratized regime for SMEs, Prime Minister –Designate Natalia Gavrilița stated in an interview for RFE/RL’s Moldovan Service, IPN reports.

Natalia Gavrilița noted the state’s behavior towards small entrepreneurs will change radically and they will do so that the state helps them to develop their businesses and does not hamper them. New investors should be then attracted to areas with a higher value added. Higher salaries imply the switchover from a development model where unqualified work is used to areas that necessitate higher productivity. This entails investment in vocational and technical education.

The rise in prices of products is influenced by the prices of raw material at world level. The international market is expected to be rebalanced following post-pandemic turbulence. At the same time, the anti-monopoly institutions should prevent cartel agreements and monopolies and should make sure that the prices are formed correctly. To eliminate monopolies, the dominant position on the market of supermarkets, for example, should be determined and ways to ensure local producers’ access to shops in accordance with the Association Agreement should be agreed.

Large tax evasion should be rooted out and an open relationship should be established with the state so as to prevent evasion. “With a new social contract about which I speak, with trust between the state intuitions and entrepreneurs, I’m sure that we can make big progress in this direction,” stated Natalia Gavrilița.

The state-run enterprises should be cleared of corrupt persons. With healthy corporate governance, these enterprises can bring benefits. They can be privatized, but only after they are brought to a normal state for being denationalized. The decentralization of the local public administration and their financial self-government will be continued.

In another development, the Prime Minister–Designate said the diversification of the energy resources is related to the country’s energy security. The utilization of the Iasi-Ungheni-Chisinau gas pipeline will be decided based on the existing possibilities, alternative access ways and the price of gas that can be supplied through this. As to the Transnistrian file, emphasis in this case will be placed on the stopping of schemes and corruption.

Natalia Gavrilița said there are very important subjects on the agenda of the bilateral discussions with Russia, such as the contract for the supply of gas, the situation of the Moldovans working in the Russian Federation and exports to this country. If the Government is voted in, they will do their best to improve the life of the citizens.

She noted there are persons from the diaspora who applied for different posts and some of these can be named secretaries of state. Policies for citizens from the diaspora will be worked out and implemented.

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