MPs of Shor Party satisfied with dialogue held with President Sandu

The MPs of the Shor Party said they are satisfied with the dialogue they had with President Maia Sandu. After the discussions, MP Marina Tauber said it was an open and constructive dialogue that will help Moldova overcome the pandemic, political, economic and social crisis, IPN reports.

Making statements for the press after the consultations, Marina Tauber said the people’s health is and will be the priority of the platform For Moldova and the Shor Party. “We must do our best for vaccines of a high quality to be swiftly delivered to the Republic of Moldova. In this regard, Mister Ilan Shor and For Moldova asked for support from Israel and the administration of this state, which is practically the first one that overcame the pandemic crisis and is close to finishing the vaccination campaign,” stated the MP.

According to her, their position on the snap elections and on the candidate for Prime Minister remained unchanged. They support candidate Mariana Durleșteanu, but are ready to discuss options that would be in the people’s interest. “I’m sure that the snap elections are the only solution for the Republic of Moldova and I’m ready for these elections after the pandemic is overcome and the people can go out without risking becoming infected. Until then we must install a government with full powers,” stated Marina Tauber.

Asked where MP Ilan Shor was and what his position on the vaccination is, Marina Tauber said she will transmit the question to the MP and he will answer it, if he considers necessary, through the PR department.

MP Denis Ulanov said the dialogue with Maia Sandu was constructive. They discussed not only the snap elections and candidate for Prime Minister Mariana Durleșteanu, but the other aspects will be made public by Maia Sandu if she considers this should be done.

The MP noted he expects President Sandu will have a balanced political attitude to the position of each party and of Parliament in general. The MPs realize that the country needs radical measures and the President’s role is to take the decisions that are in the interests of the states. The lockdown will generate economic consequences and a functional government and strong parliamentary groups are needed for the lockdown to be supported by the state.

In a press release, the leader of the Shor Party Ilan Shor said that to defeat the pandemic and save the people’s lives, a lockdown needs to be announced on condition that the state supports the businesses and provides the people with the incomes needed not to suffer from hunger.
For March 16, President Maia Sandu scheduled consultations with the parliamentary groups. The MPs of the Pro Moldova group have consultations at 10am, the MPs of the Democratic Party at 11am, while the MPs of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” at 1pm. The meeting of President Sandu and the MPs of the Party of Acton and Solidarity will start at 2pm, while that with the Socialist MPs at 3pm. After the consultations, President Maia Sandu will make statements for the press.

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