Ministry of Finance: In 2022 salary fund will be by 10% higher

Minister of Finance Dumitru Budinaschi said that for 2022 the reference value for the whole pay system of public sector employees was raised by 100 lei, which measn that all the salariers will grow modeslty. Also, the salaries of particular categories of employees, among whom are the drivers and employees of the psycho-pedagogical assistance service, will rise significantly. The salaries of MPs will also be raised, but these are not treated preferentially. The pays of the MPs will be increased also based on the higher reference value, IPN reports.

The minister noted that the 2022 budget does not take into account the National Bank’s forecast according to which the inflation will rise to 14%. He voiced hope that this forecast will not come true, but the state anyway comes with pay raises given the higher tariffs and prices.

“We designed the budget based on October predictions of the Ministry of Economy. The National Bank published its inflation report on November 8. We hope that the forecast of the NBM will not come true. We raised the salary fund by 10%. It is a rather large sum yet. If inflation is high, which is it will go beyond our forecasts, we will identify solutions to cover this difference. We increased the reference value by 100 lei for the whole public sector. Furthermore, the salaries of several categories of employees - drivers and employees of the psycho-pedagogical assistance service - were raised, while the minimum salary was increased from 2,200 lei to 3,100 lei,” Dumitru Budianschi stated in the talk show “Emphasis on Today” on TVR Moldova channel.

The minister said that following the increase in the reference value, the pays of all the public sector employees, including the MPs, will rise. Earlier, former Deputy Parliament Speaker Alexandru Slusari said the MPs’ salary will grow by 1,500 lei.

“The MPs do not enjoy preferential treatment. The main salary for everyone will be by 100 lei higher. The salary of MPs is increased based on the 100 lei rise. As the MPs have a higher salary, the pay raise will also be higher for the MPs compared with those from a lower pay class. The higher is the salary, the higher will be the raise as the reference value was increased and this generates a growth throughout the system,” noted the minister of finance.

The draft 2022 state budget law is to be debated in the November 25 sitting of Parliament. The document provides that the state budget revenues will total 50.1 billion lei, while the expenditure will be 65.2 billion lei, which means there will be a record deficit of 15 billion lei. The authorities plan to cover the deficit with foreign loans and with proceeds from the sale of public property.

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