Maria Zakharova: Political situation in Moldova affects Moldovan-Russian relations

The Moldovan-Russian relations develop, but they are negatively affected by the internal political situation in the Republic of Moldova given that contradictory statements come from Chisinau, spokeswoman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Maria Zakharova said in a videoconference.

“We follow all the processes, analyze them and try to develop complex bilateral relations with this state despite those internal political processes, in parts contradictory,  and those contradictory statements made not only by politicians, who are politicians to do so, but also by senior government officials. Even if this is not simple, given the diametrically opposed statements that frequently come from Chisinau,” Maria Zakharova was quoted by IPN as saying.

According to her, there is no problem if the Moldovan-Russian partnership is developed simultaneously with the relations with unions, either European or from the former CIS area, global organizations or other states. But the unconstructive position of the European institutions that want Moldova to decide whether it is “with them or with someone else” definitely does not generate dynamism in the Moldovan-Russian bilateral relations.

Asked about the initiative to enshrine the European integration objective in the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova and how this can influence the Moldovan-Russian relations, Maria Zakharova said the Russian Federation has no objections as any state can develop relations with Russia and with international unions or organizations concomitantly. The Moldovan-Russian relations should not influence the geopolitical orientation of the Republic of Moldova.

She also said that the Russian Federation is a traditional partner of the Republic of Moldova owing to its geographic position, the common families, the common cultural space, etc. “Why shouldn’t we be partners and, concomitantly, develop relations with other integrationist unions?” asked rhetorically the spokesman for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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