Maia Sandu would have had a dialog with parliamentary parties if there had been no “toxic MPs”, Igor Boțan

“There is now a conflict between the presidential administration and Parliament and this is based on the integrity aspect. Maia Sandu should solve this problem if the Constitutional Court does not want to extend its case law. After March 23, the CC will have to prevent chaos and the absence of a government and the Court will most probably take a decision so as to overcome the political crisis – it will either oblige Parliament to start the procedure for accusing the President or, if Parliament refuses, will order snap parliamentary elections to be called. The snap parliamentary elections and the impeachment are the methods for overcoming the current political and governmental crisis,” Igor Boțan, the standing expert of the project, stated in the public debate “Transitional government, snap elections or impeachment: for and against, benefits and risks” that forms part of IPN’s series “Developing Political Culture though Public Debates”.  

Igor Boțan said the CC judgment of February 23 was the best one possible even if the high Court can extend its case law and take Maia Sandu’s arguments into account. The current composition of the CC is conservative, unlike other previous compositions that developed new areas of the case law.

“After the CC judgment of February 23, Maia Sandu should come with a very clear message: that the option of snap parliamentary elections existed, but some of the parties changed their minds and she will comply with the high Court’s decision and will have a dialog, but this should be free from toxic MPs. The toxic MPs are the turncoats and those who are affiliated to a fugitive party leader,” stated the expert

According to Igor Boțan, the external factor should not intervene in this political situation, while the citizens of the Republic of Moldova should be consistent. “According to the last opinion poll, 70% of the citizens want snap parliamentary elections. Maia Sandu says she is supported by 1 million people to whom she promised snap elections. In this case, the President cannot take a step back.”

The public debate “Transitional government, snap elections or impeachment: for and against, benefits and risks” is the 174th installment of the project “Developing Political Culture though Public Debates” that is implemented by IPN with the assistance of the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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