Runoffs and candidates’ wish to dissolve Parliament

In the runoffs, a major and serious impact will be produced by the debates involving Igor Dodon and Maia Sandu. Within direct elections featuring the two, the candidates will be able to attract votes and to have negotiations with the other candidates with particular electoral pools behind them, IPN quoted experts as saying in post-electoral debates at Moldova 1 channel.

Expert Aurelian Lavric described two scenarios. If Maia Sandu is elected President, most probably she will want to have a majority in Parliament. The PAS leader would want to restructure the legislative body so that this cooperates with the President. “She will do her best to dissolve it, but if this fragile majority of 51 votes is maintained, she will not manage to,” he stated.

If Igor Dodon keeps office, Aurelian Lavric anticipates this will not make effort to dissolve Parliament as he does not need this. “I think the current Parliament can yet work and those who sit there now are most interested in this,” he noted

Expert Roman Chirca said snap parliamentary elections would cause economic disruptions. However, a political crisis is imminent under practically any scenario and this can only be smaller or larger, especially if Maia Sandu is elected President. I don’t know how much she would want Parliament to be dissolved as the new legislature will be a minority one. Renato Usatyi with the Our Party would enter Parliament and the only advantage is that Andrei Năstase with the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” would no longer be part of that Parliament,” stated Roman Chirca.

In general, there will be a contradiction between the President and Parliament, as it already happened in Moldova, and this would lead to a perpetual political confrontation, the expert anticipated.

Roman Chirca noted that if Igor Dodon holds office of President, formulas can be identified to ensure the existence of a majority and governmental support coalition throughout the mandate of the current Parliament.

The experts forecast that Violeta Ivanov and Renato Usatyi will have talks with Maia Sandu and also with Igor Dodon so as to decide who to give their support to. Both of the variants are less favorable for Maia Sandu as these are not pro-European pools. For Igor Dodon, the problem is that these pools were antagonistic towards the incumbent President and the situation is to be thus solved by the leaders at talks.

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