Ion Tăbârță: European curse is not irreversible by far

The obtaining of the candidate country status is the greatest accomplishment of the Government during a year of its formation, said political commentator Ion Tăbârță. According to him, President Maia Sandu contributed considerably to the success achieved by the Republic of Moldova at foreign level through her constitutional priorities in the field of foreign policy. The economic and financial aspects are the biggest failure of the Gavrilița Government so far, IPN reports.

According to Ion Tăbârță, the offering of a clear accession perspective to the Republic of Moldova is a successor the Moldovan diplomatic service and of President Maia Sandu. However, the EU candidate status does not guarantee the irreversibility of the European course.

“The European course is not irreversible by far. We have to do a lot of reforms. In Parliament, we have an oligarchic-geopolitical opposition that wants to thwart this European course of the Republic of Moldova by destabilization and by undermining the whole political system. As regards the energy aspects, no matter who goes to Russia for talks, we have to pay a geopolitical price for cheaper natural gas as the Russian Federation imposes geopolitical conditions. Gazprom is not an economic player and does not do only business, while the Republic of Moldova needs to offer something in exchange for advantageous contracts and this surely refers to the European course,” Ion Tăbârță stated in the public TV channel “Moldova 1”.

On Monday, Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Spînu said the Mărculești Airdrome will be reanimated and the Government will soon provide details on the issue. According to the political commentator, the development of airport infrastructure is important, but should not represent the Government’s priority in times of crisis.

“We spoke about this airport under the rule of Ion Chicu. The priorities should be yet different. One of them should be, for example, the building of bridges over the Prut in Leova. We must have many bridges to Romania so as to increase trade and export capacities. We need railway infrastructure. We need European type railroads. The grain crisis showed how important the railways are. The development of an airport in the northern region should be encouraged, but the emphases in critical conditions should be different. We must see if it is a realistic project or it looks well only in the report presented by Deputy Premier Spînu. The biggest problems refer to the financial sector. The state should be pro-active, not as in the case of oil and wait until the price gets to 50 lei,” said Ion Tăbârță.

The Government led by Natalia Gavrilița was invested on August 6, 2021. The government team and the government program were supported in Parliament by the votes of 61 PAS MPs out of 101 MPs.

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