Ion Sturza: It’s not a secret that Andrei Spînu wanted post of Premier

Former Prime Minister Ion Sturza revealed details about the formation of the Cabinet led by Natalia Gavrilița. The ex-Premier said that the current Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development Andrei Spînu aspired to the post of Prime Minister, but this makes a lot of mistakes in the areas of which he is now in charge owing to incompetence or absence of life experience, IPN reports.

Former Premier Sturza noted that the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development is a ‘monster minister’ and this entity should be divided into at least three departments.

“It is not a secret that Andrei Spînu wanted the post of Prime Minister. He was persuaded to concede in favor of Nataliei Gavrilița, who was better positioned in polls and in the relations with the party mates. And she is more experienced and more suitable for premiership. For comparison, Andrei Spînu gained responsibility for a lot of areas for which he does not have competence and staff. As a result, many faults are being witnessed,” Ion Sturza stated in the program “Black Box” on TV8 channel.

Moreover, the ex-Premier said that Andrei Spînu has very big political ambitions and started to build a political career.

“He is a heavyweight of the ruling party. He has his line of supporters and his own PR policy. He has teams centering on these aspects. This bothers others members of the Government and, possibly, the Prime Minister too. He is a man who considers himself a team leader. He first joined PLDM and then joined PAS. He created teams, local bodies and has representatives. He is a rather important political figure. He is not a technocrat who can be removed,” stated Ion Sturza.

He noted that the current Cabinet needs to be reshuffled as there are ministers who do not deliver results and their areas of activity are in the shadow.

“There are a series of ministers that require staff changes. I refer to the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Agriculture, In the case of Andrei Spînu, there are a number of difficult areas with many interests. On the other hand, he has few soldiers and officers in the Ministry. He had exaggerated trust in those from the energy sector who remained from the previous governments, showing probably goodwill. I do not want to suspect him of taking incorrect decisions for other reasons than the lack of competence or of life experience. There is one more thing that was probably typical of me too once. He is excessively arrogant and this is due to Mister Spînu’s young age. In particular conditions, he has chances to become a good minister, but he has yet to work,” said Ion Sturza.

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