Ilia Trombitschii: Post-soviet people can be united by faith in bright future

Traditionally, the post-Soviet people can be united by the faith in a bright future and by the wish to build this bright future, considers doctor of biological sciences Ilia Trombitschii, ex-member of Moldova’s Parliament. He noted that a country loved by citizens because it takes care of them should be built. He developed the issue in IPN’s public debate “What can unite Moldovan society”.

According to Ilia Trombitschii, Moldova is in the most unfavorable situation among all the republics of the former Soviet Union in terms of the existence of a national value as a large part of the population considers the country is illegitimate. At the same time, the national idea is taking roots and is promoted by particular parties, especially the Civic Congress. Society should identify and promote first of all not representatives of the political class, but persons who consider themselves intellectuals and who abide by the principles of the Council of Europe. These people should be sincere, should not aim to enrich themselves, but should do something good for the country. There are such persons in whose care the country can be left.

The ex-MP noted that the differing views on the geopolitical orientation are one of the barriers hampering the unification of society. The persons who support the building of an independent Moldovan state based on the values of the Council of Europe now have bigger chances. “If it goes to the building of a prosperous state, it is one thing. But if we say that the state is illegitimate, does not have prospects and should unite with the neighboring state, this idea runs counter to the first idea,” he noted.

In another development, Ilia Trombitschi said the Moldovans have an “indestructible” belief that particular documents will be approved and life will become better. This does not yet happen as those documents need to be implemented. In Moldova, they approve new strategies without determining what happened to the previous ones. The document to which reference is now made as to a national idea was adopted in 1994 and is called the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova. The problem is that it is implemented to the extent to which it does not affect someone’s interests. This document meets the requirements of the Council of Europe, but does not function properly because neither society nor the political elite is ready to accept it fully. That’s why the idea of a new Constitution appears. A new Constitution will be the same Constitution that will also not be applied.

The doctor of sciences noted that long and intensive education of society is needed, but there is no one who could do this as the progressive people and progressive ideas remain at the level of social networking sites. “School textbooks are not written by progressive people. The textbooks are far from the European values. The hope is that sincere people will come to power after the next parliamentary elections,” stated Ilia Trombitschii.

The 12th public debate of the series “Overcoming stereotypes of European integration by communication” held under the theme “What can unite Moldovan society” forms part of the project “Developing political culture through public debates”. IPN News Agency stages the debates with the support of Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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