Igor Dodon: Ambitions of a politician who wants to become second Plahotniuc triumphed

The leader of the PSRM Igor Dodon said that Parliament would not recognize the Constitutional Court’s decision by which the circumstances for dissolving Parliament are established and anticipates a period of complete chaos in the country for a period of at least six months. The Socialist leader stated the PSRM- Shor majority would not support the allocation of money from the state budget for organizing snap parliamentary elections until the pandemic crisis is not overcome, IPN reports.

The politician said the legislative body could refuse to recognize the Constitutional Court’s decision of April 15, noting that in a parliamentary republic the supreme power belongs to the legislative body.

“It is now impossible to dissolve Parliament given the state of emergency. Parliament has its own agenda. We are a parliamentary state and Parliament could adopt a decision not to recognize the Constitutional Court’s judgment, as it happened in 2019. It has such a right and there is a relevant precedent,” Igor Dodon stated in the talk show “Moldova Live” on the public TV channel Moldova 1.

Moreover, the Socialist leader said the PSRM will not accept to hold snap parliamentary elections amid the pandemic so as not to endanger the life and health of the people.

“Maia Sandu will hold elections in her office. A sum of 120 million lei is needed to organize elections. Parliament will not vote in favor. For the purpose, a full composition of the Central Election Commission is needed, but the terms in office of a number of CEC members expire in several months and who will vote in new members?” wondered Igor Dodon.

He noted the snap elections will not change much the configuration of the legislative body and the same majority as the current one could be formed after the snap elections.

“The ambitions of a frustrated politician who wants by all means to become the second Plahotniuc triumphed today. The citizens didn’t win today. The people will experience a period of instability of at least six-seven months and we could then face a new impasse created by Maia Sandu. Imagine that a new majority that is not supported by Maia Sandu is formed after elections. A very dangerous precedent was set,” stated Igor Dodon. 

In accordance with the Election Code, if Parliament is dissolved, the snap elections will take place in at least 60 days and at most three months of the signing of the relevant presidential decree.

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