Igor Botan: Moldova's independence is circumstantial

"I insist that Moldova's independence is circumstantial. I mean that it is a state with a very limited potential, but which has gained its independence under certain circumstances, which is dependent on external factors, such as the Transnistrian issue, where the Russian Federation troops are used as an anchor for Moldova." The statement was made by Igor Boțan, permanent project expert, at the public debate "Independence-30: A subjective view of the state of the nation", held by the IPN news agency.

According to Igor Boțan, there are three levels of state independence. "There are states that create and impose the rules of international law and there are independent states that are subjects of international law, that respect international law, but do not impose international law on anyone, such as Romania. And then, there are states with circumstantial independence, such as Moldova".

He said that Moldova is flanked by Romania, an EU member country, and Ukraine - a country associated with the EU. The Association Agreement shows that Moldova must aim for the EU and that the political class must strive to exemplarily fulfil the conditions of the Agreement. From this point of view, it is clear that the European model in the Judeo-Christian civilizational space is the most suitable for Moldovans.

"Moldova did not receive this independence as a gift, rather it received it by right. This state is based, as is the whole of Europe, on the Jewish-Christian alliance. If one considers this, the further development of the powers in Europe has led to models of constitutions that Moldova borrowed in 1994. By adopting this document, state institutions were set up", said Igor Botan.

According to him, "an assessment of the state of Moldovan democracy starts with the formula that modern democracies cannot exist without the institutionalization of freedom. We are born free. However, in order to make this freedom useful for all, it must be institutionalized. This is where state power comes in. Discerning people, who form a society, establish state institutions, must have a framework of values, which they derive from the basis of European civilization of Judeo-Christian origin", said the expert. Currently, said Igor Boțan, Moldova has a constitution that is in full compliance with international standards: an electoral democracy with institutions, which are, unfortunately, weak and that require strengthening in order to serve the citizens. If these things are set up in good faith, one could say that Moldova is on the right track", Boțan said.

He added that the country's citizens are living within an imitative democracy, with a Constitution borrowed from Europe, and institutions that function based on a copied model. "Yet these copied institutions are filled with Moldovan essence. This explains the quality of the political elite. It tries to adapt to this circumstantial independence. While this adjustment is okay at times, at other times it goes wrong".

Igor Boțan said that Moldova is moving towards what is called a "social state". "It is adapting to successful models and it is trying to follow these models (of the welfare state) and move closer to the European Union. However, it is held back by Transnistria and by the union with Romania. The political elites are labile. At the time of the declaration of independence, those who were against it, have now become the greatest defenders of Moldova's independence and sovereignty. If we become aware of these things, we may reach the conclusion that we must  preserved with sanctity what defines us. In terms of further development - we must align ourselves with the most successful models", said the expert.

The public debate on "Independence-30: A subjective view on the state of the nation" is held by the IPN News Agency within the project "Development of political culture in public debates", supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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