„HORUS ENERGY” holding and Power machines notified law representatives as result of last media attacks. CEO’s disclosure

Press release

„HORUS ENERGY” holding and concern “Power machines” notified authorities after recently launched defamation campaign against them. It seems this was planned by 2 competitors and one ex-prime minister of the Republic of Moldova.

In accordance to below actions and owned information by the attacked companies that notified law’s representatives, behind the disparagement media articles and other false information it could be Alexandru Baltag (SRL Energy&Industrial Technology from Rep. of Moldova) and Victor Slivinschi, SRL „Turboenergy Power”, from Romania). Former Prime Minister Chiril Gaburici could also be involved in this scheme, with whom the two are in close contact and who could lead from the shadow this action of denigration and defamation of public institutions and companies in the national energy system. The purpose of the campaign is to influence the results of the tender for the modernization of the generation Unit no. 2 and the major overhaul of the generation Unit no. 3, Source 1, of the company "Termoelectrica" S.A. This project is small, but it represents for these “boys” an important “entry ticket” in the energy sector, the target being the future major projects, of the order of billions of Moldavian leis, which are expected to be implemented in the Republic of Moldova.

It should also be mentioned that Alexandru Baltag holds, from 2017 until now, the position of director of the Association of Businessmen of Moldova, created by the former PDM leader, Vlad Plahotniuc.


In parallel, Alexandru Baltag also held the public position of advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy in the field of international economic cooperation in the Republic of Moldova, during 2018 and 2019, during the "Plahotniuc government", when the Minister of Economy was Chiril Gaburici. https://www.legis.md/cautare/getResults?doc_id=88416&lang=ro

In early July, the CEO of "HORUS" S.R.L. was contacted by Alexandru Baltag, with the request to have a discussion together with Victor Slivinschi and Chiril Gaburici, the former Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova. During the meeting, Mr. Balan was asked to take the two companies in a consortium and participate in the tender together with "Energy & Industrial Technology" SRL and "Turboenergy Power" SRL.

"They proposed that the two companies should be included in the consortium formed by "HORUS" and “Power machines”, or to be exclude JSC „Power machines” from the consortium and include the 2 companies instead. Otherwise, they said they would give a lesson and create impediments to the good participation of the consortium "HORUS – Power machines" in the auction" said Valentin Balan.

The administration of the company "HORUS" LLC and JSC "Power machines" refused the "ingenious offer" because the consortium has all the necessary components and can meet all the challenges of carrying out the modernization project, without the need to create a "trio" or "quatro" with other companies.

"Emerging from the specifics of the energy sector, which requires maximum perseverance and involvement 24/24, HORUS is on the market for all these 25 years, due to its multiple investments in personnel, technologies, commercial spaces and production areas. From the above, in my opinion, the conditions for participation in the tender for the modernization of the other energy blocks of JSC "Termoelectrica"
​​are quite drastic both from a technical point of view, with the application of efficient and safe solutions for reliable operation of energy equipment, and economic-financial, with bank guarantees of millions for the proper functioning of the modernized equipment.

For LLC „Energy & Industrial Tehnology” and SC „Turbo Energy Power” LLC companies that have neither the necessary experience nor technical support, and do not meet the conditions of the procurement documentation for the successful realization of the projects in the energy sector, the only chance to win was to join a concern that meets the conditions applicable to international tenders. Moreover, LLC "Energy & Industrial Technology" has zero activity, a fact confirmed by its financial situation. The information is public ", according to the CEO of "HORUS " LLC, Valentin Balan.

Source https://www.infodebit.md/?raport_financiar=1&idnp=1013600032185


After both members of the "HORUS – Power machines" consortium refused the "dubious partnership", a media denigration campaign was launched.

We face "industrial espionage" and unfair competition. The campaign to denigrate the HORUS Energy brand continues, and for this reason we addressed the authorities the request to stop these illegalities ", says Valentin Balan.

„The lack of resources and capacities in the implementation of energy projects by the company of Victor Slivinschi affected several projects in Romania between 2019 and 2020.
https://buletin.de/bucuresti/elcen-data-in-the-judgment-of-the-company-that-modernizes-the-south-society-the-company. The ELCEN company then suffered significant losses, of tens of millions of euros, due to the non-functioning in cogeneration of three generation Units of 100 MW. Moreover, in the middle of the heating season, due to the lack of thermal energy production capacities, ELCEN company was forced to rent, from the private sector, energy sources of approximately 175 MWt (150Gcal/h) (https://buletin.de/bucuresti/exclusiv-elcen-a-repornit-instalatii-vechi-inchise-acum-patru-ani-din-cauza-investitiilor-ardardate-acestea-nu-au-au-fost-verificat-nu-au-autorizatie- and-pest-monitoring-equipment-at/ c /)

Another case that illustrates the situation of the company "Turboenergy Power" is the refusal of the organizers of a tender to accept this company in the tender, because "The bidder does not meet the requirements of evaluation of general and specific experience and financial requirements according to the tender document." -

JSC "Termoelectrica" ​​also introduced the company "Turboenergy Power" LLC in the blacklist, after it supplied equipment that was dangerous for national energy security -


"I believe that the dissemination of false and slanderous information try to eliminate the companies HORUS and “Power machines” from large-scale energy projects, which are in the active phase of implementation. I ask the law authorities to take actions, prosecute and punish the guilty persons", mentions Valentin Balan.

We remind you that between July 22-26, several media institutions in the Republic of Moldova published defamatory, false and unproven information about the company "HORUS" and the company's CEO, Valentin Balan. The attacks were launched exactly during the RFB auction no. 9134-MD B1.1 for the modernization of the generation Unit no.2 and major overhaul of the generation Unit no. 3, Source 1, from Chisinau CHP, and shortly after the threats that were supposed to have come from the companies LLC „Energy & Industrial Tehnology” and SC „Turboenergy Power” LLC.


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