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The events dedicated to the 27th anniversary of the declaration of Moldova’s independence generated confusion and disquiet. All kinds of events were held in a relatively short period of times, such as official and alternative Diaspora congresses, protests mounted by the opposition with police interventions, a civic pseudo-protest mingled with a political anti-protest, festivities staged by the authorities, march of the patriots, blockage of the unionists on the border, etc. It seems that these are the proof of a dispersed, divided society that is locked up in a failed state! In such circumstances, at a distance of half a year of the planned parliamentary elections, the TV channels displayed a propagandistic zeal. 

However, if we try and calm down, we will understand that things are actually not as bad as they seem. In the period, there were also held sober, reflexive and even unifying events. One of these was the public debate “Independence: steps forward and steps backward, in view of parties that held and hold administrative posts in the state”. At this event, the vice president of the Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM), MP Valentina Buliga presented a pertinent snapshot of the events witnessed during the 27 years of independence, formulating also a possibly saving suggestion: “I personally think the lack of a national idea, of a model of state we would like to build during the 27 years of independence led to mistakes, manipulation and failures that the citizens are yet to forgive... If the national idea concept had united us all, today Moldova would have probably had another level of development, democracy and welfare”.     

Indeed, taking into account the aforementioned circumstances, why shouldn’t we make an effort and identity the national idea that would unite us all? We should only be understanding as a real national idea cannot be for a short period of time; it must persist for decades, if not for centuries. The length is important for succeeding in forging a consolidated, united nation, overcoming the current state of dispersion and division. It seems that we have all the preconditions needed for identifying a subject that already became of interest for all the social segments of the country. Or it even became of international interest already, being constantly mentioned in the reports of the most important international organizations. That’s why the given subject could serve as a pivot for the national idea that would unite all the segments and bodies of society: the government, the opposition, the Diaspora, the unionists, the Socialists and other players of the public life of Moldova.

Evidently, this unifying subject cannot be another one than the stolen banking funds. Indeed, for four years already, the stolen US$ 1 billion has been looked for by the competent governmental institutions. The fact that not even 1 leu was found should not discourage us. On the contrary, in such circumstances the search for the stolen money can and should be transformed into a myth as only the myths persist for centuries! If this path is followed, the government will continue to look for it as it does now. The opposition would have a permanent pretext to protest because the government does not find what it looks for. Our compatriots from the Diaspora would be increasingly favored when they present themselves as descendants of the country where about 1/6 of the GDP was stolen from the banking system in only several days. Surely, they stole in other countries too, even more, but our theft is unmatchable in terms of its ratio to the GDP. The unionists, besides awareness-raising marches and congresses, would have permanent pretexts to bring tens of Ikarus buses to the central square of Chisinau so that the ordinary citizens could imagine the physical volume of the stolen US$ 1 billion. The Socialists, together with Igor Dodon, could permanently go on pilgrimages to Mount Athos, praying to God and asking for assistance in finding the stolen money or at least in facilitating its return to the country, even based on the capital amenity law that was recently adopted by the President. The supporters of the Shor Party would be permanently engaged in the protection of their leader, but this time with very serious arguments as Ilan Shor, according to the two Kroll reports and the ordinary court of law, is the protagonist of the stealing. Through this he offers us a unique chance of having a national idea – the search for the US$ 1 billion.

It is important as the international community, the development partners could also be permanently connected to our national idea. The EU would have a permanent pretext of underlining the necessity of assiduously looking for the stolen money in its annual reports on the progress made in implementing the Association Agreement. Our partners from the U.S. could recommend the services of other investigation agencies than Kroll for being involved in the process. There is only one problem – it seems that there will be too many players involved in the search for the US$1 billion. To avoid eventual phase shifts in the process, our country would need a coordinator, best with executive duties. Let’s hope we will not meet with inferences in the process of identifying this as our country has always been rich in talents.

If this offer of national idea is accepted by society and appreciated by the government and is eventually nominated for the State Award, we ask the financial remuneration to be transferred to the account of the “Foundation for the Stolen Billion” (FSB), which would deal with the writing of the story of the search of the billion, which is of the path of implementing the national idea.

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