Even if it wasn’t officially confirmed, Delta is probably present in Moldova

Epidemiologists are sure that the Delta variant of COVID-19 that was officially confirmed in Romania and Ukraine is present in the Republic of Moldova too. According to specialists, the atypical evolution of the disease and the increasing number of infected patients show that the new mutations of the virus reached Moldova and the country is confronting a new wave of the pandemic, IPN reports.

According to specialists, the samples taken from patients with atypical forms of the disease were sent to the laboratory in Germany, but the results haven’t come yet.

“It’s true that the incubation period became shorter and more serious forms of the disease appeared. We have infected patients who are younger, but we cannot pronounce yet as we do not have the laboratory data confirming the presence or absence of the Delta variant,” professor Victor Cojocaru stated in the talk show “Shadow Cabinet” on JurnalTV channel.

Even if it wasn’t officially confirmed, the epidemiologists are sure Delta is present in Moldova. To prevent the spread of the virus, specialists recommend toughening up the restrictions and vaccinating the population.

“We do not live isolated. It is impossible for the virus to be absent when the Moldovans travel everywhere. It is not a new virus, but is a mutation of SARS-COV-2. If we get an AstraZeneca vaccine, for example, we are anyway protected from the new mutation. If the new mutation enters an immunized body, it cannot cause serious forms of the disease,” stated epidemiologist Viorel Prisăcaru.

According to official data, 210 persons confirmed with COVID-19 are now in hospitals in the Republic of Moldova. Doctors anticipate an increase in the number of cases and expect that the COVID-19 wards will be reactivated in hospitals.

“We are now more prepared than we were at the start of the pandemic. There are specialists who already know how the disease develops and we have the things needed for preventing the spread of the virus in stock. If we have a high number of patients again, the intensive care and other units will be reactivated so as to cope with the number of hospitalized persons. Prevention is the most efficient method of stopping the pandemic. The vaccine should be now promoted and conditions for the population to get vaccinated should be created,” said doctor Adrian Belîi.

The COVID-19 vaccination rate in Moldova is currently at 15.1%. The highest vaccination rate is among healthcare workers – 84.7%.

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