Elegance and Comfort: New Dress Code in Moldova Agroindbank

Banks have always been associated with a strict, official style, especially in terms of communication and attire, which often gave the impression of a conservative, bureaucratic institution with slow processes.

Considering that this is not the image that represents us and being oriented towards a greater openness and transparency, friendlier communication and atmosphere, more simplified processes, Moldova Agroindbank decided to make a change in the fashion style as well.

Thus, at the first stage, the Head Office is implementing the Casual fashion style, assuming elegance in comfort and comfort in elegance, in other words: fewer ties and more comfort, more freedom at work, including by the self-expression style, more color and energy in our professional life, to be ourselves anywhere and anytime.

According to the Bank's Strategy, this approach will include all aspects related to the work organization in MAIB, and each of the Team members, Bank Partners and Clients, feel as comfortable as possible in this atmosphere.

Of course, Business and Casual Business Styles will still be used in cases where the activity or event requires them, or if the Bank employee feels more comfortable in such outfits.

We already have the first reactions from our colleagues:

"It's a great idea and a long-awaited change. The new Dress Code makes us feel freer, more relaxed, offering us more comfort, and in these conditions our productivity also increases”, says Olesea Cernavca, Brand Manager.

"First of all, it is really comfortable to be able to choose your fashion style according to the Agenda, so you can sleep 5 minutes longer in the morning, because you do not always have to tie a tie", mentions Andrei Ostrovschii, Communication Manager.

For the Regional Director Neonila Negruta, the new Dress Code means “a new breath, more openness to communication, being perceived closer to customers. The new outfits, much lighter and more relaxed, bring color and highlight the individuality and authenticity of each colleague!

In the meantime, there will be new changes for the colleagues in the branches, meeting our employees and client’s preferences and taking into account evolution of the branch format. But about these changes we will later come with more details.


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