ECO-BUS WEEKLY DIGEST June, 27 - July, 3. Most important Economy & Business news by IPN

● MONDAY, June 27

Consumers with debts for natural gas could be disconnected as from August 1

The consumers with debts for natural gas could be disconnected from the gas supply system as of August 1. The ban on the suspension of services imposed by a decision taken by the Commission for Exceptional Situations on June 24 expires on August 1, according to the director of SA “Moldovagaz” Vadim Ceban.

● TUESDAY, June 28

World Bank to finance project to support MSMEs

The World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors approved financing for the Micro, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (MSMEs) Competitiveness Project in the amount of $50 million. The project will help the country to reduce the regulatory burden, increase access to finance, enhance the export competitiveness of Moldovan enterprises, according a press release.

Business Process Outsourcing sector expands in Moldova

The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector has developed in Moldova and the authorities anticipate this will grow further. There are yet no official data, but a study conducted recently shows that most of the companies use information technology, but others are oriented to the externalization of the business processes – commercial services, telecommunications, banking activities, transport, etc. This sector, as the IT sector, practically does not face export barriers, does not need clearance, difficult certification and the effort on the part of the authorities and entrepreneurs for providing such services is minimal. Such statements were made in a news conference staged by the Investment Agency “Invest Moldova”.

● WEDNESDAY, June 29

Small producers protected by law against unfair commercial practices

Small producers and SMEs will be protected by law from unfair commercial practices. The Cabinet approved a bill that bans practices that deviate from the good business conduct, are against equitable methods and are imposed unilaterally. The approved document is intended to facilitate negotiations between suppliers of agricultural and food products (manufacturers, processors) and buyers (shops) that offer these products to the end consumer. The law will protect small producers from illegal articles and will make it easier for them to access the placement of products in commercial networks throughout the country.

Memorandum with EU for provision of €150m in financial assistance to be ratified

The Cabinet approved the bill to ratify the Memorandum of Understanding between the Republic of Moldova and the European Union for the provision of €150 million in financial assistance. Part of this amount, 30 million euros, will be provided as a grant and 120 million euros as a loan. In addition, draft laws on the ratification of the Grant Agreement and the Credit Line Agreement were approved. The money will be used to cover the needs of the country's budget.

Clearance on Moldovan-Ukrainian state border extended for Transnistrian entrepreneurs

The business entities and public institutions from the eastern districts of the country will be able to further perform clearance procedures when crossing the joint border crossing points Pervomaisk-Kuchurgan, Goianul Nou-Platonovo and Novosavitskoe-Kuchrurgan. The Cabinet extended the time limit until January 31, 2023.

● THURSDAY, June 30

Gender specialist: Climate change affects women and men differently

Climate change affects everyone differently, regardless of age and gender, but women and men feel this impact in a different way, said secretary general of the Platform for Gender Equality and national gender specialist Nina Lozinschi in a press club meeting centering on adaptation to climate change in agriculture in the Republic of Moldova. According to her, the subsidies provided by the state cover products that are considered necessary and very useful for the food safety of the population, such as wheat and sunflower, while the women cultivate tomatoes, cucumbers and other vegetables and less financial assistance is provided in this case. Measures in support of the women working in agriculture were therefore taken. It goes to subsidies provided by the programs of the Agency for Intervention and Payments in Agriculture (AIPA) that are designed to support small entrepreneurs, including women. More should be yet done as many women in agriculture are not visible (only 37%) as their potential as business entities in agriculture is not developed and more changes are required here.

Road haulage permits in EU for Moldovan exports no longer necessary

The Moldovan carriers can perform transport operations in the EU member states when exporting Moldovan goods without road transport authorization certificates. This became possible after the signing of the Agreement on the Liberalization of Road Transport with the European Union. The carriers can further sign contracts for the supply of goods, especially agricultural products, by using alternative routes on the territory of the European Union.

Winemakers in Moldova hopeful greenhouse grapes will sell well

This year grapes are expected to become available one or two weeks earlier than last year. The first greenhouse grapes can go on sale in the middle of July if the hot weather persists. In 2022, the cultivators hope to get a starting price at least equal to last year’s price. On the wholesale market, the prices are higher for products of the first crop and, “if the ordinary cucumbers and tomatoes at the end of the first summer month are sold to end users for 25-50 lei/kg, we should not be surprised if the price of the freshest table grapes coming directly from a local producer will rise to 70-80 lei/kg (3.65-4.0 US$/kg).”

Moldova in July will purchase gas at higher price

The price of the natural gas that the Republic of Moldova will purchase in July, in accordance with the terms of the contract signed with the Russian company “Gazprom”, will be higher. Preliminary calculations show that the price will be US$980 per 1,000 cubic meters, the director of SA “Moldovagaz” Vadim Ceban has said.

● FRIDAY, July 1

Andrei Spînu: Electricity rates will remain unchanged in July and August

The price of electricity in July and August will not change. The weighted average price for July is 65.03 USD/MWh, Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Spînu, Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development, posted on social media.

Public tender contests bring 17m lei more into Chisinau budget

Over 17 million lei will be transferred to the municipal budget as a result of the new public tender contest staged by the Chisinau City Hall. It goes to the obtaining of the right to place ambulatory trading units on the streets of the capital city. By 17 and 30 lots were exhibited at the two contests to assign places for kiosks, terraces, ambulatory units providing recreational services and other units on the streets, in parks and squares, near green areas and lakes. The most expensive lots were assigned for 2.9 million lei, and, respectively, 2.6 million lei.

● SATURDAY, July 2

 Moldova’s foreign debt at $8.99 billion

At the end of the first quarter, Moldova’s gross external debt stood at $ 8.986 billion, which is 64% of GDP. According to preliminary data from the National Bank of Moldova, during the first quarter, the debt decreased insignificantly, by 0.3%.


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