Doina Gherman: Nomination of candidate for PM is shortest way to snap elections

The nomination of a candidate for Prime Minister who would not be confirmed by Parliament is the shortest way to snap legislative elections. In this case, the parliamentary group of the Party of Action and Solidarity (PAS) is not sure that there will be 52 votes of MP for voting in this candidate. “We do not have sufficient reasons to believe in what the PSRM says. We convinced ourselves that there is a contradiction between what they say and what they do. The investiture of a new Cabinet means, in the best case, an eventual delay in snap elections. In the worst case, this Parliament will sit in 2021 too, but this is inadmissible. The other parties want the process of inducing the elections to be delayed or fully annulled so as to extend the life of this shameful Parliament,” PAS MP Doina Gherman stated in IPN’s public debate “What parliamentary parties think about snap elections, if they anticipate them?”

According to her, the Chicu Government showed non-professionalism and irresponsibility when it decided to quit. The biggest dilemma resides in the fact that all the parties, including the Party of Socialists, say the country needs snap elections, but do it because the people demand this, not because they really want it. In reality, the PAS is the only party that is looking for solutions in this regard, while the rest of the parties delay this process and look for constitutional excuses.

As to the PSRM’s position on the snap elections, Doina Gherman
believes the Socialists do not coordinate the messages they transmit on the issue between them. “For example, a member of the Party of Socialists said a government should be invested and then than they are considering also the possibility of not taking part in the plenary sittings. Meanwhile, other Socialists said they will be in Parliament at the start of the next session. If Parliament does not adopt laws in the final reading until March 16, from March 17 it can be dissolved. This is a scenario that is taken into account by the PAS. I say it confidently that all the actions of Missis President Maia Sandu will be in strict compliance with the law and the Constitution. By each of the three scenarios, snap parliamentary elections will be held at the end of May or the start of June at the latest.”

Given the Constitutional Court’s decision that the self-dissolution of Parliament is not constitutional, Doina Gherman said this scenario cannot be applied. She considers the Socialists, even if they say they are the largest group that is best prepared for snap elections, adopted the attitude of a spectator and wait for things to develop themselves. They should better assume responsibility and formulate a concrete proposal so that the people see their solution for inducing snap elections.

The public debate “What parliamentary parties think about snap elections, if they anticipate them?” is the 167th installment of the series “Developing political culture through public debates” that is supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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