Diaspora’s dissatisfaction with elections should be taken into account, opinion

The dissatisfaction of the Moldovan citizens abroad in connection with the elections of February 24 should be taken into account. This is generated by the unequal conditions in which the voters from abroad have to exercise their constitutional right to elect, stated expert in communication Artur Gurău. The fact that Moldovan passports are issued only in the United States of America is an action that clearly favors an electoral contender, IPN reports.

“From my viewpoint, given that we have over 1 million citizens abroad, solutions should be found for these to be able to vote by correspondence. I expected such solutions to be discussed and the diaspora in such discussions should have played a very active and important role,” said the expert. Artur Gurău said he noticed very big antagonization of self-organized committees of the diaspora with the Bureau for Diaspora Relations of Moldova.

WachtDog expert Valeriu Pașa said Moldovan identification papers are currently issued to Moldovans whose passports expired only in the U.S. This is evidently done to favor one concrete candidate – Valeriu Ghiletski who runs in constituency No. 51, the U.S. and Canada. “The way in which passports are issued when voting with the expired passports is not allowed without any real and legal reason shows Mister Ghiletski is creating now his voter basis in the U.S. The candidate chooses the voters and this is simply amazing,” stated the expert, noting the registration of voters beforehand was used namely to establish polling places where there are more persons ready to vote.

The president of the People’s Movement Party of Romania Eugen Tomac said the Republic of Moldova is seen from Romania as being at an exceptional turning point. The people are very concerned as a real show is staged in Moldova with the aim of deforming the reality. “It is very hard here to persuade the people again to be patient and to go and vote in a larger number as indifference is now the biggest danger that can give birth to very dangerous monsters,” stated Eugen Tomac. The Romanian politician said the people should be explained that without immediate involvement, things could take an unhappy turn in Moldova.

On January 29, the Constitutional Court decided that the Moldovan citizens who are abroad in the parliamentary elections of February 24 will not be able to vote based on expired identity cards and passports. This way, the citizens with expired passports will be unable to vote in single-member constituencies abroad.

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