Decisions will not be taken in Government, regardless of who will be new ministers, opinions

It is less important who the ministers in the new Cabinet are as the decisions will not be taken in the Government, ex-MPs said after the names of the potential candidates for ministers started to be rumored. According to the former MPs, among the priorities of the new governmental team should be to relaucnh the economy, to reform the justice sector reform and to do the territorial-administrative reform, IPN reports.

Even if Prime Minister designate Natalia Gavrilița hasn’t made her team public, the press began to disseminate the names of the potential candidates who will serve on the Cabinet. Purportedly, PAS MP Sergiu Litvinenco will serve as minister of justice, presidential adviser Ala Revenco as minister of home affairs, while Supreme Security Council member Vladislav Kulminski as Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration. Some of the former MPs consider the new ministers should be offered a credit of trust.

“Objections can appear after they start work and we will see how they work and how they cope. The economic sector is very important. The Republic of Moldova is in a big impasse from economic viewpoint and competent person are necessary here,” former PPPDA MP Kiril Moțpan stated in the program “Expertise Hour” on JurnalTV channel.

“There are renowned persons from the nongovernmental sector, but the public policies represent something else. Sergiu Litvinenco is the only person about whom we know more, but I have some doubts about his professionalism. However, it is less important who will form part of this Cabinet as decisions will be taken outside the Government,” said former Communist MP Alexandr Petkov.

According to press reports, the ex-chief of the Moldovan diplomatic service Nicu Popescu will manage the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration. Some of the former MPs expressed their indignation at an eventual return of this to the political arena.

“A person who said that in 1992 we had a civil war, even if he later apologized for this statement, should not form part of a governmental team. As to the government program, a lot is said about the justice sector reform, but we should not forget that there is the Constitution and there is the separation of powers in the state. The first reform with which they should start is the territorial-administrative one,” stated Valentin Dolganiuc, a member of Moldova’s first Parliament.

According to Speaker Igor Grosu, the legislative body will come together this Thursday to give a vote of confidence to the Gavrilița Government. In accordance with the law, the executive is invested by the votes of at least 51 MPs, while PAS has 63 votes.

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