CC decision hinders access to public post and this is only positive aspect, analyst

The decision of the Constitutional Court (CC) has only one positive aspect, namely that a precedent was set when a political figure is hindered access to a public post because this person was accused of acts of corruption, political analyst Oazu Nantoi said in the program “Moldova live” on the public TV channel, IPN reports.

The analyst considers that if the Court’s decision is not a political order, then it was taken as a result of a political decision. “It is a political intention to achieve the wanted result and I see no logic,” stated Oazu Nantoi, adding that three of the Court’s judges formed part of political parties in the past.

Oazu Nantoi also said that the censure motion by which Vlad Filat was dismissed contains no evidence that the former Premier was involved in acts of corruption. That’s why the Court’s decision shouldn’t have been based on the motion. “I do not want to say that the Filat Government is holy, but when the Court invokes that the Government is suspected of acts of corruption, it makes reference only to the censure motion,” stated the analyst.

In the same program, jurist Pavel Midrigan said that the Court’s decision is a good lesson. “For the first time in Moldova, they took steps besides making statements. A person, even if is only suspected, no longer has the credibility for holding a high-ranking post,” said the jurist.

Pavel Midrigan also said that after the tapped telephone conversations between Vlad Filat and the State Main Tax Inspectorate head Nicolae Vicol were made public, the former Primer lost the right to hold this post. One the other hand, a person is declared guilty by court decision and, if such a sentence does not exist, the person is innocent.

Speaking about the Liberal faction’s invitation to the former alliance colleagues to sit at the negotiating table, Pavel Midrigan said that the PL in fact does not want to be removed from power and wants to keep the ministries, especially that of transports. This appeal was made in vain as the votes needed to vote in a candidate for Prime Minister were secured.

The Constitutional Court decided that Nicolae Timofti’s decree to designate Vlad Filat as Premier is unconstitutional as the Government was dismissed by censure motion on suspicion of acts of corruption and is unable to fulfill its duties. It also ruled that the President must name a Cabinet member to serve as interim Prime Minister until a new Government is formed.

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