Briefness first and foremost – October 19, 2018 IPN digest

From the position of one of the patriarchs of Moldovan politics, Vladimir Voronin anticipates that the upcoming election campaign prior to the parliamentary elections will be very interesting because the mixed electoral system will destroy all the years of independence. “It is not known what kind of Parliament we will ultimately have. Persons of wealth and those who will make many promises will enter the next Parliament,” the Communist leader said in the talk show “In Depth” on Pro TV Chisinau channel.

Vladimir Voronin noted the Party of Communists remained the only real party of the left. “We will be unable to form a coalition with someone in the parliamentary elections or in the political activities owing to our ideology and policies,” he stated. As regards the possibility of running in a constituency, the Communist leader said he would run in the single-member constituency where President Igor Dodon would run. This is one of his pupils whom he called a traitor.

Judging by the Communist leaders’ statements, the IPN Experts say that Vladimir Voronin will not yet enjoy the pleasure to confront frontally the informal leader of the PSRM Igor Dodon at the parliamentary elections of February 24, 2019. First of all, Igor Dodon would be afraid of such a perspective as the arguments of his political mentor are too solid. Secondly, Igor Dodon declared he would like to run in elections on the national list of candidates of the PSRM only as an electoral engine of the party. Thirdly, there are constitutional restrictions preventing the President from acting as the promotor of the interests of a party. The last thing is probably even beneficial to Igor Dodon as this enables him to avoid a direct confrontation with Vladimir Voronin despite the mixture of financial and propagandistic resources owned by the PSRM. 

After annihilating the PDM’s intention to substitute the implementation of the Association Agreement with the introduction of a phrase in the Constitution, MPs of the PSRM, PLDM and PL explained their decisions not to support the PDM’s bill. They said the European integration should be done, not only declared and the current government does not actually implement the provisions of the Association Agreement with the EU. The opinions were stated in the program “Moldova live” on the public TV channel Moldova 1, IPN reports.

The issue is clarified by MEP Siegfried Mureșan, who said the Republic of Moldova needs a responsible government that would promote reforms and would meet the democratic standards. Asked by Radio Free Europe to comment on the PDM’s failed attempt to introduce the phase “European integration” in the Constitution, the MEP said all those who try by words to stick the pro-European label to the forehead and to gain political benefits as a result fail.

He either heard the MEP or not, but the president of the Liberal Party Mihai Ghimpu said they would better be in the opposition than with the Democratic Party in a coalition in the next Parliament. Furthermore, he noted a coalition in the legislature is possible without the PDM, but this depends on the parties of the right.

Until then, do we have shortcomings in the justice sector in terms of the European integration? The MPs will deal with them on the last 100 meters of legislative work! Thus, under a bill under examination, preventive detention will not be applied if four conditions are met cumulatively. The suspect will not be arrested if this admits his guilt, if the person committed the offense without using physical or psychological constraints, if the offense didn’t result in damage to the life and health of a person and if it wasn’t committed by an organized criminal group or a criminal organization. For now, as Liberal-Democratic MP Vadim Pistrinciuc reminded, preventive detention in Moldova is used as a tool to fabricate cases. The persons are arrested and in two months admit their guilt.

Shortcomings in the energy sector? We do not yet recognize them, but experts of the Association “WatchDog.MD” Community consider there are preconditions for reviewing the tariffs of the heat and electric power supplied by SA “Termoelectrica”. The new tariffs should be set depending on the value of the financial deviations that appeared after the natural gas tariff  was decreased. The experts demands that the National Agency for Energy Regulation should explain why the heat tariff hasn’t been yet reviewed and should present information about particular costs include in the tariff.

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