Briefness first and foremost – April 23, 2019 IPN digest

The European Union will continue to cooperate with the new Government that will result from the current political process on the basis of the existing framework – the Association Agreement between the Republic of Moldova and the EU. Also, this cooperation will be based on the fulfilment of the conditions that were communicated to the Republic of Moldova the previous years, stated the Head of the EU Delegation to Moldova Peter Michalko. In an interview for IPN (available online), he said the EU expects that the partners from the future Government will do their best to achieve progress in implementing the Association Agreement whose provisions are designed to make the lives of the citizens of Moldova better.

“The formation of a parliamentary majority that is based on people featured in the Kroll report would be a very big obstacle in the European Union’s cooperation with the Republic of Moldova,” said the Head of the EU Delegation to Moldova Peter Michalko. The EU official stated the banking fraud committed in the Republics of Moldova caused extraordinary damage to the country and will be felt by every citizen as they will have to pay for this fraud. The people who committed this huge crime should be punished. “The rule of law and the judiciary system should work in the Republic of Moldova as they normally do in a European country. The people to blame for this crime should be jailed, should be punished,” said Peter Michalko.

To resume the financial assistance intended for the Republic of Moldova, the European Union expects all the conditions that were presented earlier will be met. These conditions refer to the achieving of the European standards stipulated in the EU – Moldova Association Agreement, political association and economic integration. “With the meeting of these standards, the people in the Republic of Moldova should enjoy standards and the rule of law, but also economy and in time living standards like in the European Union. The EU not only offered access to the own market, but also offered money and methodology showing how firms in Moldova can meet the standards that will welcomed on the EU market,” stated the ambassador.

The European Union follows how all the state institutions and bodies work in the Republic of Moldova. Justice should be independent, not selective, while the institutions should be functional and independent. “A relevant example is that of the Central Election Commission. There were moments in the past when the independence of this was questioned. Everyone remembers the situation after the elections held in Chisinau in 2018, when the citizens of Chisinau could not have the mayor they elected,” stated the Head of the EU Delegation to Moldova Peter Michalko.

In a response to a new invitation issued by the Bloc ACUM, the Party of Socialists’ secretary for ideology Ion Ceban posted to Facebook that PSRM has clearly and publicly announced on what conditions the party is ready to start negotiating the formation of a bipartisan government. “Today’s invitation from ACUM doesn’t add any clarity as to whether our proposal to form a functional coalition is accepted or not”.

Igor Munteanu, MP of the Political Bloc ACUM, in a public debate at IPN said the abusive interpretation of the Parliament’s Regulations by a part of the MPs and political players was one of the main problems faced by the Bloc ACUM immediately after the elections were validated. This was done in a move to restrict the right to legislative work of the elected MPs.

In the same debate, expert Igor Boțan said the Democratic Party should be invited to discussions so that the citizens see how this party, after the created situation, responds to the question why no one wants to cooperate with the PDM. “As a citizen, immediately after the elections, I thought it would be normal to have a coalition between the Socialists and the Democrats as both of the parties are of the left – the first are socialists, while the second are social-democrats. The programs of the Socialists and the Democrats 70% coincide. They pursue the same pro-Moldova policy, balanced foreign policy, the Republic of Moldova as a bridge between the East and the West,” noted Igor Boțan.

The PAS party described as “an attempt to disgrace (it)” today’s warning by the Central Electoral Commission whereby the party has been ordered to pay up the remainder of a fine imposed in 2016. The PAS accuses the CEC of using double standards, recalling that the commission “refused to order the Democratic Party to surrender to the state budget 47 million lei after the Democrats accepted cash contributions over the legal limits”.

People diagnosed with diabetes in Moldova will receive free glucose meters, test strips and blood lancets to keep the condition in check. The kits will be distributed over the course of May and June through mail. To buy the kits, 25 million lei was allocated from the State Budget. The kits for insulin-dependent patients, some 19,000 in number, will contain a finger-prick glucometer, 1,200 test strips and 1,200 lancets; and the kits for insulin-independent patients, some 81,000 in number, will contain 100 tests and 100 lancets, in addition to the glucometer.

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