Andrei Spînu: Contract for supply of gas should not be political issue

There are no preconditions for not extending the contract for the supply of gas between MoldovaGaz and Gazprom, while the opposition’s speculations that the citizens will get frozen in winter are unfounded, said Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Spînu, Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development. According to the official, the supply of gas should not be a political subject and remains the prerogative of MoldovaGaz, which already negotiates the new contract with Gazprom, IPN reports.

Andrei Spînu said the previous experience when political factors became involved in the negotiations with Gazprom didn’t bring results as the final price is determined according to a fixed calculation formula. The relationship between MoldovaGaz and Gazprom is strictly commercial in character.

“In 2016-2017, when we know who the President was, I think Moldova paid the highest price for gas. The supply of gas should not be a political issue. It should be a subject of national interest based on commercial relations between two companies, MoldovaGaz and Gazprom. It is the responsibility of MoldovaGaz to negotiate the contract. There are no risks as to the extension of the contract. At the end of August, an agreement was reached between MoldovaGaz and Gazprom. The contract was sent to the director of Gazprom for signing. The contract will be signed and transmitted to NAER for determining the tariff,” the official stated in the talk show “Emphasis on Today” on TVR Moldova channel.

Andrei Spînu admits that the final tariff set by NAER for household users can be higher as the price on the international market increased. However, the Government is considering the possibility of compensating a part of the costs for socially-deprived families.

“Behind this contract, there is a price calculation formula that is not disadvantageous for the Republic of Moldova. We are following with interest what is happening on the international market. We see extremely high fluctuations. The good side for the Republic of Moldova is that the contract specifies a formula that is not based on the current price at stock exchanges in Europe. The price on the international market does not affect the citizens of the Republic of Moldova immediately. These rises can be momentary and the average price that is calculated will not have such a great impact on the citizens,” stated Andrei Spînu.

Earlier, the director of MoldovaGaz Vadim Ceban admitted that the tariffs for natural gas this year would rise following the increase in gas prices on the international market.

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