Anatol Țăranu: In times of war, muses should concede to political imperatives

The Soviet and Russians movies, including those about World War II, which fall under the Moldovan legislation that bans aggressive symbols and war movies in a move to secure the information space, do not tell about the millions of rapes, thefts and acts of appropriation committed in the occupied territories. The unlearned lesson generates victims. As a result, we witness the sending of parcels with different stolen goods, from toys to fridges, by Russian soldiers who are in Ukraine to their families, political commentator Anatol Țăranu, Moldova’s former ambassador to Russia, stated in a public debate centering on war movies staged by IPN News Agency.

According to the Doctor of History, the May 9 celebrations in Russia are based on the militarist ideology, while in Moldova these are based on the related Russian ideologeme. “In an independent and sovereign state like the Republic of Moldova, the ideological formula of a foreign state was mechanically borrowed and introduced in the daily life of our people.”

The historian considers what is happening in Moldova on May 9, as regards the use of the black-and-orange ribbon, with arms, with this militarist spirit, looks like real anarchy. As to the ribbon, during the Soviet period this hadn’t been used as a symbol of the war called “patriotic”. Moreover, it was known that the ribbon of Saint George had been the distinctive sign of over 1 million Russian collaborationists who were enrolled in Vlasov’s army and in the Cossack Division of Krasnov, who fought against the Soviet Army alongside the German SS.

The red flag with the hammer and sickle on it is the real symbol of victory in the patriotic war. “Voronin, who is the leader of the Party of Communists in the Republic of Moldova, tries hard to defend the ribbon of the SS personnel and Vlasov’s collaborationists to the detriment of the natural symbol of the party he leads.”

Anatol Țăranu considers such political irrationality is seen because the Republic of Moldova does not have any state ideology. “Our Constitution provides that no party ideology can become state ideology. At the same time, the state cannot exist without an ideology, but this should not be related to a party doctrine. If the state does not have an ideology, this is not a state, but an unraveled entity without a liaison inside... The problem is we accepted an ideologeme that is foreign to the national interest as a liaison. In fact, this was brought and imposed.”

Cinematography plays an important role in imbedding the foreign ideologeme in people’s minds. “We are now discussing the relationship between a pure ideology and the artistic value of war movies and such a discussion should exist. But muses in times of war will need to keep silent. As long as there is a war and there is a danger that this war will come to us, the muses should concede to the political imperatives of the moment,” concluded the political commentator.

The public debate entitled “Stop war! Stop...war movies!” was the 238th installment of IPN’s project “Developing Political Culture through Public Debates” that is supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation

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